The FDA’S Disinformation Campaign To Demonize Kratom Is Getting Worse, Media Flooded With Lies ~

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

Well, hello there family. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve written. I wish I could say it’s because I took a break, but it’s quite the opposite.

Unfortunately, Dr. Scott Gottlieb (former commissioner of the FDA) went on a Kratom rampage, on Twitter. This has caused a domino effect within the media, which I’m sure was his plan all along.

According to the article below, the FDA has banned the import of Kratom. Kratom is not being banned from coming into this country, however; it IS being placed on the red list for import alerts.

A red alert is the most restrictive of all alerts. It means the FDA can detain that particular product, without even examining it. However, the importer and company associated with it has the right to appeal. Still, it is unfair how the FDA is targeting Kratom and making false claims. Claims, stating it is adulterated. First of all, how can they just assume something is adulterated without proper examination of it?

I’ve been consuming Kratom and researching it for three and a half years and any time Scott Gottlieb speaks about Kratom, the media follows and parrots everything he has to say. It saddens me because most of the public believes him. After all, he still represents the FDA, public health, and medicine. He holds a lot of weight. Of course, the current/acting commissioner, Dr. Jane Woodcock follows his every move by actively misleading and misinforming the public.

Article upon article.. lies, lies, and more lies. Lies stacked on top of other lies. The FDA wrongfully seized a large amount of Kratom recently. They tried saying these vendors were selling adulterated product. How can it be adulterated before the vendor ever even received it though??? LIES.

It’s times like these when I get discouraged and have to remind myself that we do STILL HAVE RIGHTS IN THIS COUNTRY. That by LAW, the FDA and DEA HAVE to provide proof in order to actually BAN any particular substance. Proof showing actual harm, illness, and injury as a result of consuming Kratom. And please don’t tell me such and such said such and such and you believe him because he is a board certified medical examiner. I need to SEE simple lab values and medians to back up the words that are coming out of your mouth. I should hope others would think and feel the same, but they don’t.

It’s scary to me how GULLIBLE most people actually ARE, in this country. To believe anything you hear solemnly because it’s coming out of the mouth in which holds a degree is extremely foolish, not to mention naive. We need lab values and medians to back up claims. If it’s true, there shouldn’t be any problem in getting that information. ESPECIALLY, if it involves a death of any kind. Victims get upset if we question it. But, why? I would think this information is just as important to the ones involved. If it were me, I’d want to know the TRUTH.

It’s sad that no one is held accountable and that anyone can say anything in the media …

This article was updated in June of 2021 and it blows my mind how they are intentionally trying to mislead people. Kratom is no longer banned in Thailand yet they point out that it is indeed on the list of narcotics. It’s NOT. Recently, Thailand took Kratom OFF THE LIST OF NARCOTICS. Among other lies, I haven’t seen or heard of Kratom causing skin discoloration and dark spots, either. 💔

My point is that the media creates a false narrative by printing lies and/or misinformation. When you are writing about real- life topics and issues that are obviously NONFICTION, for all the world to see (on a public platform) you have a responsibility to fact check your content, thus whatever narrative you are presenting. Unless of course, you are part of the LIE.

They go on to say that the FDA has placed a ban on the import of Kratom. They have done no such thing. Yes, they have placed red alerts, however; a red alert is not the same thing as banning Kratom from coming into this country. I am only interested in the truth, when it comes to this plant. Stating that the FDA has placed a ban on Kratom makes it sound as just that. That Kratom is being banned from coming into this country. A …it makes it seem like Kratom must be this big bad drug if they banned it from coming into the country. B, now the public is going to have an even more negative opinion about this plant. C, it’s not even the actual case.

The news source, if you can call it that is American Addiction Centers. Yes, that’s right an addiction center and rehab. Makes more sense doesn’t it? It’s allllll about the moneyyyyy. Rehab centers demonize Kratom because they are basically affiliated with the FDA. It’s all part of the system and their goal to profit off of whatever ailment you may have. In this case, it is a so-called Kratom addiction.

By now, I’m sure you’ve come to know that I am not someone who ignores truth because it doesn’t suit me or it’s not something I want to hear. I try very hard to see all sides and perspectives surrounding this plant even if it makes me mad. If it’s the truth I accept it. However that means my truth shall not be dismissed or overlooked either.

I hate the fact, it actually pains me to know and hear of people who struggle with addiction to Kratom. I will not deny these folks their TRUTH. However, no matter how bad you want to demonize this plant because you struggle with consuming it, it doesn’t make it ok for you to dismiss all the good it does for the millions of Americans who take it. It’s unfair to the people who know nothing about this plant to be misled into thinking it’s this highly addictive drug for people in general, because for the majority who do take it, that is not the case.

I won’t dismiss the fact that some people struggle with it. I appreciate if you can do the same for me …and not dismiss the fact that for millions of Americans it is the best herb on the planet. Maybe for some, Kratom was not a good fit but for millions of us, Kratom literally saved our life. It is an herb with tons of benefits.

It all depends on the person. Because for many of us it isn’t addicting at all; I have no withdrawals, no preoccupation and no cravings with Kratom. I’ve had cravings with other substances but I’ve never ever had one craving or withdrawal from Kratom. Knock on wood 🪵 lol.

Rehabs see Kratom as money to be made. Suboxone may be good for some. Most people I have talked to struggled severely with Suboxone and transitioned to Kratom instead. Rehab centers will lose money if people addicted to heroin, are turning to Kratom instead.

You certainly do (not) want to take methadone in order to get off of Kratom, because Kratom isn’t NEARLY as strong as methadone. Kratom is a partial agonist, meaning it attaches only partially to the receptors in our brain.. meaning it has lower addiction potential. Also, Kratom is safer and doesn’t cause respiratory depression because it attaches only PARTIALLY to the receptors in the brain. Because methadone is a FULL OPIOID AGONIST, attaching FULLY to the receptors in the brain, it is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, UNLIKE KRATOM. In turn, methadone has a higher risk for respiratory depression and overdose.

People often dismiss the most important benefit and reason for taking Kratom. Instead, they bash it because they are struggling with THEIR abusive behavior. Maybe they are struggling with consuming Kratom, trying to achieve a high that is nonexistent in which Kratom does not have to offer.

I do think THAT… may be the case with a lot of people. They hear the lies and false propaganda created by the FDA, saying Kratom is an opioid. They go in to buy Kratom, thinking they’re going to feel the same as when they took their previous drug of choice. All to be extremely disappointed and confused to find out that Kratom does not produce any kind of high, nor does it make you feel like you popped Oxy or morphine.

Before you know it, the person now is overly consuming a safe, beautiful plant .. to ruin what could of been a smart, good thing. At least it’s way safer than the deadly drugs they’d be taking if it was not for Kratom to begin with. Be thankful that Kratom is hard to overdose on. Instead they only bash it because they can’t taper or quit, due to underlying issues.

FYI: Kratom is a partial agonist with low-addiction potential ~

I honestly do not understand how it is legal to lie freely within the media, as a writer. I just don’t understand how no one is held accountable for the lies people tell ….to string the public along. Oh but wait, it is our LEADERS and our GOVERNING MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS who started the LIE for the public to parrot, thus follow.

Below is a screenshot of one of my search apps. I want to show you how incredibly deceiving the media is. As you can see, here are several negative articles published in my feed. All of them dated two and three days old, give or take. But, when you click on the article you will see the ACTUAL DATE as to when it was REALLY PUBLISHED.

These articles are OLD, dated back from 2018! Some go back as far as 2016! The media I’m guessing is all part of the FDA’S disinformation campaign. They have put a false publishing date to make the public think that this negative news (about Kratom) is recent. There are no new stories or negative articles regarding Kratom because Kratom is SAFE. The FDA and DEA don’t have anything to go on so they’re recirculating old news. If that’s not creating a false narrative I don’t know what IS.

Many people are not going to even open these articles up, much less double check the date. Why would you? But, this is very deceiving and extremely manipulative to guide you into thinking this way. When someone googles Kratom all these old articles will pop up and the public automatically starts to form an opinion about Kratom all created by your loving Food and Drug Association.

The FDA is recirculating old articles that were false to begin with. Years back, they tried to blame Kratom for cases involving salmonella poisoning. A big thank you to Melody and I for keeping these screenshots we took of the article which shows the FDA openly admitting to their mistake in blaming Kratom. The only article that’s true from years ago is the following, Scott Gottlieb and the FDA admit to analyzing salmonella from Kratom and finding isolated cases to involve a different strain. No one taking Kratom actually got sick from salmonella. Here are the screen shots because they have erased that article from existence.

Google feed filled with old negative articles being recirculated to make the public think this is current and recent news involving Kratom ~

If you are reading this, and you’re concerned …and want to help me fight to keep this plant legal, start by clicking on this Twitter link. It will take you to Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s Twitter feed where he is claiming that Kratom is fueling the opioid crisis. Tweet your response to him, PLEASE.

Of course, Kratom is NOT fueling the opioid crisis. It is doing the OPPOSITE. Kratom is the answer to ENDING the opioid epidemic. Because of Kratom, I no longer have a need for opioids. Because of Kratom, I no longer take Norco, Morphine, and Xanax. Please tell me HOW that is fueling the opioid crisis???? It IS, in FACT doing the EXACT OPPOSITE!!!!

The truth is that they are LYING. They only WANT to make you THINK Kratom is fueling the opioid crisis so you won’t support this plant. Because once someone tries Kratom and finds out the TRUTH about it ..they will be less likely to have any use for FDA approved medications. The FDA doesn’t want to lose your business, nor your belief in them. They want you to keep following them hook, line, and sinker.

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

7 thoughts on “The FDA’S Disinformation Campaign To Demonize Kratom Is Getting Worse, Media Flooded With Lies ~

  1. everyone, kratom advocates especially, should put the spotlight on this moron. Further, we should train, and keep, the spotlight on the FDA. Show all the people who couldn’t care less exactly why they should question the stuff that comes out of there, especially about natural plants. I’ve already commented, but have held myself back from telling him what I actually think of him, unsensored. I might get banned from twitter for that lol. But in all seriousness, everyone should comment, and keep track of all of his, and the FDA in general’s, rants. Woodcock might not be as anti kratom as she seems, she strikes me as someone following her predecessor’s lead, though I could be wrong about that. Fortunately the current ASH is a canabis advocate, so won’t be in favor, though she could still give the go ahead if they push enough, which is why we need to watch this closely

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oh believe me, every kratom advocate, all of the passionate ones, feel the same way you do. It’s why we fight so hard for kratom killed my dog, lets ban it posts, but rarely get anywhere. Usually our comments asking for clarification go unanswered by the poster, and if they are answered, it’s stupid answers like, yeah well, I can think what i want and you can’t stop me, or exactly what you said, well, the medical examiner said it, and you’re just a druggie, so what could you possibly know? Those comments discourage and enrage me too, and some days advocating is a literal fight to keep my head above water

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  3. So as a mom, who’s son is getting out of jail soon…to go to rehab….hopefully instead of a sentence…. What would be the way to get kratom if the rehab don’t allow it.. This one does allow subutex..should I have him do that shot while in there then start Kratom?
    He does NOT want to relapse but admits it’s all mental….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s tricky.. I’m happy you asked this! Most rehabs are brainwashed into thinking that Kratom is a full opioid agonist which it isn’t. Of course it’s so ironic bc they give methadone an opioid to help ppl kick opioids which is just like basically giving them the same thing. Suboxone IS a partial agonist. Kratom is a partial agonist also except I hear way more horror stories about ppl not being able to stop subs. With that said, I’m guessing he will be forced? To take subs? If I may ask what type of facility will he be going to bc the ideal situation would be once he’s in outpatient care and he can choose exactly what he puts into his body. If you want him to consume Kratom for example, it will help with mental depression and anxiety along with withdrawals from whatever he’s been taking. But, it is a must that he seeks psychotherapy whether he takes subs or Kratom otherwise he will more than likely get psychologically addicted to either one. My apologies for the delay and please ask me any and all questions you’re comfortable with. I’m here friend


    2. If it’s an inpatient care facility (court ordered) he probably will be forced to take what they give him. Let me know and I can research the facility. But, you never know.. maybe take a chance and ask them how they feel about Kratom. If it’s a no and he’s locked down in a facility you will have to wait and play their game until he does x, y, & z then gets out. I know hundreds upon hundreds of people who’ve transitioned from MAT or subs onto Kratom and we can go from there.


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