Kratom Censorship ~

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Hi guys! I wanted to come on here and talk about censorship. I recently tried to post on TickTock and it seems they’re no longer letting me publish anything Kratom related.

As you can see, they removed my content. It really is backwards, this system of ours. The more I think about it, the more corrupt I find it to be. Here we have this tea leaf from Southeast Asia that is completely legal throughout most of the United States, yet we cannot talk about it on a public forum?

TickTock told me I was violating their community standards because I was promoting illegal goods, thus exhibiting illegal activities. I actually take offense to that. It’s just so corrupt because you can post and discuss alcohol-related items or deadly drugs with no problem. Or let’s talk about sexual inappropriateness. The internet and these public forums are loaded with child pornography and groups, basically stomping grounds for predators.

To date, there have been no deaths occurring from Kratom, alone. But, yet they paint Kratom to be this horrible harmful substance, the big bad wolf coming to take away your children and destroy families.

It is, in fact the opposite. Kratom saves lives. Kratom saves families.

With so much censorship going on, I thought of adding a forum and discussion board to the blog. What do you guys think? We could discuss all things Kratom. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

2 thoughts on “Kratom Censorship ~

  1. I”m all for it. Add it and I’ll be the first to join. I’l go on a rant if I say any more, so I’ll stop there. I really thought facebook was the worst about that sort of thing, does tick tock not allow for an appeal that actually does any good? I saw your facebook post about this and got so angry I wasn’t sure how to react.

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