Mental Healthcare In America ~

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Finally.. SOMEONE who isn’t AFRAID to talk openly and HONESTLY about mental health. I’ve been waiting and hoping for someone, a celebrity preferably who holds weight and power to discuss this topic. Now, if only we could get someone on board to support Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa.

Go and support her anyway you can! Bebe Rexha is a true rockstar and warrior! She’s open and honest about the lack of mental healthcare we have in this country. She also talks openly and HONEST about her OWN depression and anxiety in life and mentions the numbers and percentages regarding who’s covered by insurance. It’s sad. Only 40 percent have insurance to cover mental healthcare and 10 percent have insurance to cover substance abuse. It’s no wonder so many people go left untreated and turn to drugs to cover up their suffering symptoms.

Deadly and addictive drugs are a comfort, a dangerous comfort that cover up mental pain, the symptoms of a mental disorder or illness. There is hope though. If you are struggling with a deadly addiction, try transitioning to Kratom. It will help you be free of these drugs, however; you must seek therapy. Otherwise, you will more than likely go on to abuse this beautiful plant.

It’s never wise to abuse or overtake ANYTHING in life. Even if it is safe, because there are undesirable consequences when you abuse something. The greater the habit, the more you indulge in foods or behaviors, the harder the habit is to break. Please keep this mind.

Kratom is a safe choice, however; anything can be a problem if you are exhibiting addiction mentality, along with a mental illness or disorder.

If you are consuming Kratom instead of deadly addictive drugs, I applaud you. If you are abusing Kratom due to severe addiction mentality and/or mental issues, seek psychotherapy. If you’re unable, due to no insurance further at your local Health and Social Services Agency.

Oftentimes, you will be pointed in the direction of alternative resources that are free of charge. Ask and you shall receive. Sometimes, you need to dig a little. There are many free online texting services that offer counseling. There are online-apps also ~

Unfortunately, these services are very costly. I will not stop searching for something we can all afford. 💕

Call 1-800-273-8255 for free counseling and resources ~


The statistics are mind blowing to say the least!!!! Adults With AMI <<<a Mental Illness>>> Who Did Not Receive Treatment in 2020 ~

  • 57.2% of adults with a mental illness received no treatment.
  • Over 26 million individuals experiencing a mental health illness are going untreated.
  • The state prevalence of untreated adults with mental illness ranges from 40.7% in Vermont to 64.8% in California.

Half of all Americans are left untreated. That is truly ASTOUNDING. From personal experience, (with a close family member) I can vouch for this.

She is a severe alcoholic, who went to inpatient treatment many times, but her insurance finally ran out. This tells me that substance abuse centers are failing. Also, insurance is an issue. However, these recovery centers need to focus more on psychotherapy, in my opinion. Because many times, they refer the patient (out) and they never follow through.

‘Almost half (49 percent) of all adults with a mental illness reported that they were not able to receive the treatment they needed. This number has not declined since 2011.’

‘Individuals seeking treatment but still not receiving needed services face the same barriers that contribute to the number of individuals not receiving treatment:’

  1. No insurance or limited coverage of services
  2. Shortfall in psychiatrists, and an overall undersized mental health workforce.
  3. Lack of available treatment types (inpatient treatment, individual therapy, intensive community services).
  4. Disconnect between primary care systems and behavioral health systems.
  5. Insufficient finances to cover costs – including, copays, uncovered treatment types, or when providers do not take insurance.

My message to you is this. If you are one of these statistics, and you feel like you’ve tried to get help, only to reach a dead end, DON’T GIVE UP. There ARE resources out there that are nonprofit. You may need to do some footwork in your local area though.

Please do not solely rely on foods or behaviors to fill the void or treat your mental and emotional pain. Because it will not last and there are always side effects such as obesity, withdrawals, or added feelings of sadness and depression. Because deep down, we all know when we are not being real with ourselves. You can only cover up your feelings for so long. Don’t let the lack of insurance or our broken system determine your fate. You are worth the work and the little bit of time that it will take to find an available therapist. There are many lovely souls (counselors) out there who deeply care about others; who get up everyday to purposely better the lives of others.

Upon reading these horrific statistics, I am now going to make it my mission to find low cost and free counseling. I will update this article as I find these resources. As always, my inbox is always opened to each and every one you. We are all neighbors, trying to survive this crazy world. You are not alone. There is hope. Nothing is ever hopeless. Depression will make you feel like it is hopeless. If you are feeling hopelessness and/or having suicidal ideation, please text or call 1-800-273-8255. Message me here, anytime or email Love Kami

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Taking care of our emotions should be our #1 priority ♥️🍃

2 thoughts on “Mental Healthcare In America ~

  1. while I don’t think I suffer from clinical depression, I have had a little bit of experience with the mental health system. Twisted experience but experience none the less. From a young age my mom has always been convinced I suffered from some sort of mental issue, where none was found. I was on ADHD meds, both halves of amphetamine, from the age of 2 until, I believe, 16 or so, when I finally managed to get her to take me off of them. How I avoided addiction to those, I don’t know. My doctor tried prescribing tricyclic antidepressants for pain she wasn’t convinced I had, which actually seemed to cause a depression instead of cure one. Tramadol withdrawal didn’t help. I now take herbal remedies, cava cava, and ashwaganda, as well as kratom, just in case there’s a depression I can’t see. From a young age my mom has always ended arguments with, well I was just trying to help, when she justified the numerous out patient psychiatrists and counselors I visited, none of which was at my own will. Oh she didn’t force me, but she’d bundle me into the car, tell me we were going somewhere that was a surprise, and surprise, another mental health clinic. Psychiatrists have always made me uneasy. They try to condense the complicated human mind down into something a human can manage and fail miserably at it IMO. But this doesn’t mean I’m against theropy, because i’m not. But I haven’t had a good experience with it.

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    1. I understand your side COMPLETELY. Having worked in state hospitals and acute psych facilities as a medication nurse, I know the dark side. However, there is a lighter side to therapy if you find the right person. Also, it sounds like you didn’t need therapy to begin with. I feel for you Kendell and don’t blame you for your view at all. I definitely don’t want anyone to be discouraged by this tho because it is only one side of the mental healthcare system. My opinion is that most psychiatrists are too quick to prescribe medications, which is why I tell people to seek therapy with a licensed social worker. It’s beyond their scope of practice to prescribe anything. Also, within the arena they hold less power regarding any kind of psychiatric ‘hold’ or commitment perhaps to a mental institution. However, it’s a completely different scenario when civilians are voluntarily seeking therapy at their own free will. Having your mom hold that power over you as a child I’m sure was scary, rightfully so.


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