Why Discourage Americans From Trying Kratom?

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

If the FDA and DEA were really concerned about the opioid crisis, they wouldn’t be trying to discourage Americans from trying Kratom. Kratom is an EXCELLENT alternative to traditional opioids.

In no way, shape, or form is ANYONE trading one drug for the other. Because Kratom is not derived from any poppy plant. It’s not even (chemically) made up the same. It’s derived from the coffee tree. IF someone has addiction mentality and wants to abuse this plant, then I’d say they ARE trading one behavior for the other. HOWEVER, at least they replaced their deadly behavior with a LIFESAVING BEHAVIOR. Because Kratom does not KILL.

Kratom is super effective in relieving MY severe PAIN. The major difference between Kratom and prescription opioids is that Kratom doesn’t cause respiratory depression or overdose. It’s also less addicting. Yet, the FDA dismisses all of this. On top of it, they’re the number one cause for lies within the media, not to mention patients being denied their medications.

What’s it going to take? How many people will have to die from overdoses before they will accept Kratom as a safer alternative?

If they cannot profit from Kratom, they will probably never accept it. This is why we must fight to keep it on the dietary side of things. We need your help and support. Please, if you cannot donate to the American Kratom Association, at least support their cause.

There are many ways to support the use of this plant, without spending money. Instead of condemning it, you can tell someone about it. Instead of listening to the propaganda, you can learn about it. You can read the actual SCIENCE provided throughout my blog, or you can look it up elsewhere. If you think you’re reading a biased blog, then fact check what I write. For example, the debunking of deaths. Don’t take my word for it. Go elsewhere and look up these so-called deaths for any evidence to support them. Feel free to fact check every single one. https://southeastbeautifulkratom.com/2020/09/27/more-kratom-deaths-debunked-by-dr-jane-babin-via-the-american-kratom-association/

What we do know for sure is that people overdose left and right from drugs and alcohol, UNLIKE KRATOM; and we do have PROOF.

Even though we have all of this, <<<scientific evidence and actual data>>> people still try and bash Kratom due to possible withdrawals upon taking it. If you cannot see that YOU ARE the actual problem and not this plant, due to abusing something and not taking care of yourself as a responsible consumer ..then you are just as blinded and warped in thinking as our government and the FDA.

Below is an excerpt from an article discussing the rise in overdoses. Yet, the FDA fails to recognize how much safer Kratom use is among Americans. There’s no comparison! They just keep recirculating the same 44 deaths from a batch of adulterated Kratom in Sweden from like 10 years ago.

‘In 2019, 70,000 people died from drug overdoses, and experts say the situation has gotten worse. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. overdose deaths have surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 87,000 people in the United States have died from drug overdoses, primarily related to opioids, through September 2020, according to recent data.’

‘And officials predict that there were likely thousands more due to overdose that were not reported.’

‘That is the highest number of overdose deaths since the opioid epidemic first started in the 1990s, and a setback from the slight drop that the U.S. experienced for the first time in decades in 2018, according to the report.’


Just remember, IF you are one of these people who constantly says Kratom is just trading one drug for the other, please read the following. We are replacing deadly drugs with a lifesaving HERB, KRATOM. We are replacing death with LIFE. We ARE CHOOSING to LIVE, rather slowly dying from street drugs or high-risk FDA-approved medications. We ARE replacing our deadly behaviors with a healthy and lifesaving behavior. We are choosing Kratom. Thus, we replaced a deadly substance with a LIFESAVING one.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

3 thoughts on “Why Discourage Americans From Trying Kratom?

  1. We, us kratom advocates, are unapologetically biased. We take the plant and like it, so we talk about it. But we don’t hide, cover up, or deny negative articles, and negative science, there just isn’t any that is credible. Every negative scientific article on kratom is due either to influence from the FDA or some partner they work with, or lack of information or data. I’m not saying it’s a giant conspiracy, but the FDA is not going to acknowledge kratom until we force them to. Even then, they ill likely begrudgingly allow it, and never openly embrace it. They do the same for all other plant substances. News media sites which circulate negative kratom articles do so because the data they have access to is one sided. Medical examiners who rule kratom overdoses do so because they don’t understand the plant, what it does, and since they think they understand th multiple other drugs found in people’s systems at the time of death and they don’t understand kratom, by process of elimination they think kratom is the cause. It’s wrong, but not entirely their fault. They aren’t openly hostile to the plant. The FDA is the only openly hostile one in this fight. The families who write this plant is dangerous posts are hurt and grieving, and they think they have a target to pin their pain on. This isn’t their fault they aren’t out to hate the plant. I’d do the same thing most likely if someone died from a substance i didn’t know about but heard was deadly. So it isn’t their fault. This is why we have to fight. because the good science we have, is being overpowered by old information, general laziness by people who don’t know a thing about what we’re so passionate about, and the FDA trying desperately to get rid of us.

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  2. I have heard of other isolated people who are hostile against kratom, lance dire among them. You can tell these people by the tone of their posts about the plant. Where we are positive, and try to inform people of negative articles, they are always negative. It’s all doom and gloom with them. Why they hate the plant is always specific to that person, but there are others. But those people, and the FDA, are the people we are up against. Any other person or organization, the mayo clinic. medline, who posts about the plant negatively are doing so because they trust the information they get.

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