The Truth About Kratom ~

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

No one can deny the FACT that Kratom does NOT kill people like heroin, meth, cocaine, or traditional OPIOIDS. Even if these so-called Kratom deaths, that are splashed in the media by the FDA WERE true, that still makes Kratom 1,000 times SAFER than other medications and/or ACTUAL deadly drugs.

It IS scientifically proven that Kratom is 1,000 times safer than morphine. Here is the science proving it. >>> The abuse potential of kratom according the 8 factors of the controlled substances act: implications for regulation and research | SpringerLink

I oftentimes get accused of spreading lies or writing inaccurate information due to being a ‘biased’ blogger for this plant. But, as you can see I am presenting SCIENCE to back up my statements, regarding the safety of Kratom.

I’m also bringing light to the possibility of these so-called deaths. Even if any Kratom-related death ..had any ounce of truth to it, Kratom is still not causing death and overdose to thousands of people like drugs and alcohol do.

I find it’s the people who are either grieving a death or who are severely broken and wounded, who may be fighting addiction mentality; who are unreasonable in their thinking. In regard to this plant, the ones who bash Kratom cannot seem to accept the positive effects and benefits that so many people are receiving when consuming this plant.

For someone who believes they have lost someone to Kratom, they oftentimes blindly believe anything they read in the media or believe whatever word-of-mouth they may of heard from the town gossip.

For example, I spoke with someone recently regarding a so-called Kratom death and I simply asked if I could see the toxicology report showing he had Kratom in his bloodstream. She could not provide me with any such thing. I was nothing but kind and inquisitive, even stating that I wanted to see both sides; if there were indeed any kind of truth to it. She only accused me of being defensive and rude. Probably, because I asked her for a simple lab value or anything at all to show his actual cause of death and she could not produce it.

She went on to say, ‘This is what the medical examiner said’ and ‘Why would he lie?’ So, in other words she never saw actual proof or evidence of ANY Kratom-related death. Certainly not one produced from Kratom, alone.

People like her, are so desperate to blame someone or something. They are hurting and simply want to blame, as a means to an end to their anguish. Perhaps they are seeking closure. Or, if the person is experiencing a negative with Kratom personally, it’s the exact opposite and they’re in denial. They don’t want to take accountability for their abusive ways; blaming everything or everyone but themselves for their behavior.

There are many variables. Someone may of witnessed their friend or family member abuse substances. Maybe they’re abusing or overtaking Kratom and trying to get clean. But, to the person on the outside it can look like a negative behavior and so they condemn this plant.

The most important thing when trying to determine whether or not something is safe is the TRUTH. I am not here to hide it. I am HERE to EXPOSE the truth. Whether or not that truth is on my side, I would never turn the cheek to it. However, there must be actual facts and evidence to establish TRUTH or validity to it.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Kratom ~

  1. exactly. It’s why I often post long involved posts about this stuff on my own facebook page. These kratom haters as we call them are some of the most unreasonable people out there. They put up a rant post, stating as actual fact that kratom is dangerous because it killed so and sso. When we, any of us, asks for proof we get accused of being addicted to kratom and unable to stop, or of being paid by someone to promote kratom. Failing that, they often claim they have lots of people desperate to quit kratom. No matter what they say, they cannot, or will not, prove any of it. So it’s hard to reason with people like that.

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