The Kratom Consumer Protection Act, Why It’s Needed ~

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

The KCPA WILL protect against the FDA having just reason or cause to ban solely on the fact that Kratom may be adulterated. The KCPA will keep vendors from adulterating their product and/or it will lessen it. The main reasons as to why the FDA or DEA had just cause to seize shipments or bash Kratom is always due to possible adulteration or heavy metals.

Yes, the FDA recently seized a few shipments here and there. But, do you see America going WITHOUT?? NO. People need to calm down and stop being irrational. Think about it. If you’re following the rules and the protocol of the KCPA then you will be fine. If you’re not, which you should be then you’re probably the one who is complaining right now.

We need to be honest here. I have many friends who are vendors who get their Kratom tested where it has come up dirty. It doesn’t mean that Kratom (the plant) is harmful. What it means is that Kratom isn’t always processed or dried in the most sanitary conditions before coming over seas to us. It has nothing to do with the plant, itself. The process of drying is key and must be done so in a sanitary environment.

Realistically in today’s world, that might not happen ALL the time. Therefore, it is why we take measures to eliminate any possible health concerns, as a result. This is why you TEST YOUR PRODUCT.

I have received dirty Kratom from an Indonesian farmer. He did not test his product. How did I know? Because I started feeling ill. I did some investigating and found out that he did not test his product. That’s NOT OKAY and the FDA has every right to be concerned over it. I don’t understand WHY anyone would support Kratom being sold without it being tested to make sure it’s SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION!

Some smaller vendors are complaining about this. Why? The absolute truth as to why you see people complaining and bashing about the KCPA right now is all due to MONEY, or lack there OF.

Don’t blame the American Kratom Association for your lack of success or small revenue. If you cannot afford to test your product and stay in the game and keep up with the big dogs or the KCPA requirements then that’s on YOU.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the KITCHEN.

But, first of all how can you seriously think you have a right to complain and throw stones when you’re actually in the WRONG? No one deserves to have their health be in jeopardy or at risk because YOU can’t afford to test your product to make sure you’re supplying clean product.

Another reason as to why the KCPA IS SO IMPORTANT is because we cannot leave children to have free access to it. WHY? It baffles me as to why I need to spell it out. Kratom needs to be taken RESPONSIBLY. Are children RESPONSIBLE? 🧐 Children are not even required to BE responsible. Parents aren’t even responsible half the time. It’s important that we have an age restriction of 18 or 21. Yes, I vote for 18 but if we can get 21, then I think we can survive.

If a child died from taking this plant you better believe the DEA and FDA would have a legitimate RIGHT to be concerned about Kratom. Therefore, I don’t understand why so many people are complaining about age restriction. Again, I’m assuming these folks do not hold a mature or realistic view to politics, the current state of affairs, and the world we live in. If children can have access to this plant, this could be a problem. Children should not have free access or unsupervised vision in regard to stimulants. You wouldn’t let your child consume coffee or caffeine tablets, would you? I certainly would NOT.

If we leave things the same, with no KCPA and zero regulation, what do you think will happen?

For example, Nevada BOP is coming after Kratom and the KCPA is law there. So, because the KCPA is legislation no, it does not mean that no one can come after Kratom ever again, but it will lessen it by a long shot. Anyone trying to ban Kratom, once the KCPA is signed and active will have a long road to hoe.

The sad thing about all of this is the fact that people are hurting US and the Kratom community when they start protesting against their OWN. It only causes chaos and confusion, especially among the mainstream public. I pray that the Kratom Consumer Protection Act passes fully in every state and as a result we have safe product and the support of the FDA and Health and Human Services.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

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