Do Not Blame Kratom For Your Addiction Mentality Or Your Greedy-Like Behavior ~

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Recently, I stumbled upon a disturbing comment regarding the amount of Kratom someone was taking.

I used to wonder WHY there were ‘Quitting Kratom’ groups and anti-Kratom pages etc. WELL, let me tell you that after I read the AMOUNT of plant matter that some people shovel into their bodies on repeat is MIND BLOWING, not to mention UNHEALTHY.

This guy below states that he goes on Kratom binges of 150 grams a night. I understand if you’re transitioning from heroin, but I have to wonder if you really need THAT MUCH???

And if you DO, don’t go and blame this plant when you decide to stop cold turkey all of a sudden and have withdrawals. Unless, you’re not very bright, what did you expect? I’m just surprised that these folks have only withdrawals to deal with, after overdoing something to this magnitude? It’s common sense that you ‘dose’ vitamins, minerals, and herbs as opposed to not having any kind of instruction, structure, or regimen. Herbs and medicine are not something you play with. It shouldn’t be treated as a free-for-all.

With that said, I sincerely hope that for anyone who does have to take larger doses due to PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) uses strong caution and makes wise choices when consuming Kratom. While Kratom is safe, you still need to exercise reasonableness. It’s never a good rule of thumb to overtake ANYTHING. When you overtake something, you are abusing it. Abuse is the definition of harm. While Kratom is safe and doesn’t cause overdose, it WILL make you feel ill, when taken in excess.

It CAN produce unwanted effects like withdrawals, when taken in <<<great>>> excess 24/7 …and even so this herb is STILL not causing people to overdose or die.

If you are suffering from a mental illness and/or addiction and you are transitioning to Kratom, PLEASE get online counseling, talk-text council, or psychotherapy with a social worker. It’s important you get help with your addiction issues to be sure you are consuming Kratom in a safe, controlled manner.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Because Kratom SAVES LIVES

3 thoughts on “Do Not Blame Kratom For Your Addiction Mentality Or Your Greedy-Like Behavior ~

  1. People tend to forget ones overall health matters. If you are taking care of your body there is no reason to take that much kratom. It wouldnt be needed. Staying hydrated, staying active, taking your vitamins, and gut health are of the upmost importance!! This is a beautiful plant that will enhance ones life. If you sit aroumd indoors all day doing nothing, eating garbage, barely drinking any water, constipated than it will enhance that type of life which means it gets worse.

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