The Military Needs To Get On Board With Kratom ~ America’s Heroes, Including Our Firefighters

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Some of the greatest heroes who’ve ever lived are veterans and firefighters. Yet, they seem to go unrecognized.

So many of these honorable men and women (specifically our veterans) suffer without proper treatment and care, after serving this country. Risking their lives is an everyday norm for them. They save the lives of many. They definitely deserve to have access to treatment, medication, and herbal supplements such as Kratom, CBD/THC, or psilocybin.

Thankfully, the military is taking notice in LSD and psilocybin, and has put over $17 million dollars into research. I ask myself, why not Kratom though? In fact, they are very ANTI-Kratom, when it comes to the military using Kratom. It’s only hurting our soldiers and regarding our veterans, they deserve to be informed about holistic alternatives.

If anyone needs access to this beneficial plant, it is our soldiers, veterans, and firefighters!

Here is an excerpt from an article regarding the military’s research and study into psilocybin.

‘The medicinal use of psychedelics is growing in popularity with researchers around the world launching investigations. Last year, a study found that psilocybin — the mind-altering substance in psychedelic mushrooms — offered patients with depression “more than four times greater” relief than traditional antidepressant medications.’

Additionally, the U.S. military allocated $17 million last June for medicinal psychedelic research.’

Study: Benefits of Microdosing LSD Likely Placebo

The above study proves that psilocybin offered patients with depression more than four times greater relief, than traditional antidepressants!!!! That is HUGE. It’s significant, because I’m guessing ..that means fewer negative side-effects. Antidepressants have a slew of negative effects, and they are very addictive to the brain. The longer you’re on them, the harder it is to get off. This kind of medication re-wires your brain.

This is great news, my friends. For once, I am encouraged when I think of America and our mental healthcare. I see a tiny glimmer of hope, I think we can turn into something significant; a bright future, regarding our mental healthcare system.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

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