Living With Chronic Pain, As A Single Mother ~

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

First of all, let me tell you ..I’m not here for a pity party, as my mom would put it. Not to say, that she would necessarily say it, but I come from a long line of very STRONG Castilian women. My Great Grandmother was an incredibly strong Spanish woman, along with my Grandmother and my Mother. They didn’t complain about anything, to the point of (almost) self-abuse. It is where I came from and I am incredibly proud to have inherited their strength and grace.

But, let’s be honest. Because, it is the women, THE MOTHERS, who are the nurturers and caretakers, TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN, NONSTOP. Even the strongest woman on the planet, gets tired. Now, add chronic pain and fatigue to the mix, and it is LITERALLY, an UPHILL BATTLE.

It IS a SILENT one though. I’m sure you all can agree. Those mothers who KNOW this mini MOUNT EVEREST, we climb every single day, in the name of chronic pain, is completely relentless and pure evilness, when it wants to be.

Thankfully, I found Kratom. Before, finding this plant, I was at the end of my rope. I had been on Morphine, Xanax, and Vicodin for 20 years. I am grateful for these medications, because it WAS the ONLY option I had, at the time. For…..these medications lessened the cruel, harsh reality of my existence, due to my chronic condition.

After an accident in the late 90’s, I suffered permanent damage. I have five large, herniated disks, three small, disk displacement, and ligamentous laxity. As a result, I have Spondylolithesis, fibromyalgia, and radiculopathy.

Kratom was my saving grace. Before Kratom, I was so incredibly tired of ‘surviving’. I felt as though I was barely functioning, on zombie medication. Tired of having to fight for pain relief. Tired of always feeling like I had to prove to others, why I needed to take something. Tired of feeling like I constantly needed to justify, to the world, as to why I needed medication for something, no one else could see.

Personally speaking, Kratom does not weigh me down, like Morphine. It lessens my fatigue and gives me energy, like coffee but without the jitters. Also, (for me) it doesn’t make my heart race, like caffeine does.

Because of Kratom, I can experience genuine happiness again, as a mother. Kratom gave back my freedom and let me be functional again, in a non-impaired way. Kratom is a tool, I use daily which gives me crystal-clear mentality, while having sharp mental focus. I have enough energy to carry me through the day, where I can be the mother and caregiver I was meant to be.

To all of the amazing mothers out there, remember that you are ALL Warriors. If you are experiencing an ongoing battle and can see yourself in me and my previous struggles, please reach out and send me your thoughts or questions. I am here for anyone who wants to learn more about this amazing grace, we call Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa.

Speaking of Warrior Goddesses, there is one in particular, that I have had the honor to cross paths with. I am grateful to have found this beautiful soul, who is also a mother who has chronic pain. She is the lovely Shaunna Kauffman, also known as Kratom Girl.

If I had to classify ANYONE, to be Queen of the Kratom Community, it would definitely be HER. While I do believe we are all one big team, and I have oftentimes emphasized this, Shaunna Kaufmann has been fighting for the LONGEST.

Shaunna Kauffman has been producing strikingly, BEAUTIFUL Kratom-related content for the past ten years. That’s a long time. She definitely deserves her PLACE, in this community. If there is anyone I want to shine a light on, it’s HER. 💐

So, thank you Shaunna Kauffman, for everything you have done for the Kratom community, starting with your very first YouTube video about Kratom, ten years ago. After all, YOU were the FIRST to EVER START and produce a Kratom video.

I respect, admire, and madly adore you my friend, my Kratom Sister.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Below is a fantastic article written by Shaunna Kaufmann. If you haven’t already, please visit her BEAUTIFUL website, Kratom Girl. Like and Follow, of course.

The One And Only Kratom Girl ~

Written By Shaunna Kaufmann ~

There is no one on the face of this dying earth that knows how it feels to have a “bad day”, unless they too have tried to live a day while battling …

Mid Day Dose When Living in Pain

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