If Someone Were To Die From Kratom, It Would Be Rare ~

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

It seems that people are so focused on anything that causes a withdrawal. News flash, you can have emotional and mental withdrawals from all sorts of things, including a simple change in someone’s routine.

As humans, we are VERY much habitual creatures. That makes us prone to becoming accustomed to routines and rituals.

Some people are more prone to becoming addicted or set in their ways where change is almost impossible for them. Others, like myself are not.

I do become concerned when I hear someone say they think a Kratom withdrawal is worse than heroin or even just as bad. Because for one, it’s not.

IF there is ANY truth to that, it’s in the sense that it is from a psychological aspect, because withdrawals from heroin are much more severe. Even a withdrawal from Vicodin or Xanax is much much worse than withdrawing from Kratom.

Everyone is different, but if people were getting sick from Kratom withdrawals and in the hospital, I’m sure we would all know about it.

The FDA, DEA, and media work hard at trying to demonize Kratom, so I’m sure they’d put that in LIGHTS.

The only negative someone can keep saying about Kratom is that it can produce a withdrawal. But, it’s not deadly like an alcohol withdrawal or withdrawing from benzodiazepines.

If there are people who are seriously having a hard time quitting Kratom, they probably couldn’t taper in the first place. Why? Possibly, because they have an underlying psychiatric disorder that drove them to abuse something in the first place. If they literally do not have the capability to even taper so as to not suffer in withdrawal, in the first place …then it’s apparent they need cognitive behavioral therapy.

No one talks about what is driving people to abuse or overtake substances in the first place. They think ‘Oh…better ban it’. What is that going to do? Banning something certainly isn’t going to fix the problem though is it?

Whoever is abusing will simply move on to something else to self destruct with, until they get help for their UNDERLYING ISSUES.

Stop condemning the substance and start addressing the behavior and the person’s actions. Alcohol is killing thousands of people everyday but no one seems to care.

Kratom causes an uncomfortable withdrawal and people want to ban it. It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS, not to mention pointless and will be harming the lives of millions of people who take this plant, as a means for a better way of life.

If you do decide you want to start taking Kratom, please be sure you have a significant reason for really taking it. Because there are side effects to everything in life. Kratom is safe, but it’s not perfect. Kratom has some negative side effects, just like ANYTHING IN LIFE. But, for the majority, Kratom is pretty close to freaking PERFECT. However, it takes work and responsibility in order to reap the benefits of this plant. It’s called being a responsible adult.

Be sure you order Kratom from ONLY a trusted vendor or shop owner who sells GMP CERTIFIED PRODUCT. There ARE cases of illness that can occur if someone sells dirty Kratom that has not been lab tested or processed or dried properly. This is why it’s crucial you follow GMP guidelines whether you’re a consumer or vendor.

Support the American Kratom Association. They are working hard along with grassroots advocates, such as myself to enact the Kratom Consumer Protection Act on the federal level. This will enforce vendors to lab test their product and hold them accountable to safety guidelines and age restrictions, with proper labeling as well. This is how we can protect our community and our plant, so we can continue to be able to buy and sell in a safe and regulated manner.

Be safe everyone.

If you’re interested in reading more about withdrawals please go to 👉https://southeastbeautifulkratom.com/2020/08/26/withdrawals/

Or my YouTube video explaining more on this topic 💚https://youtu.be/G3fXw3IAUb0

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

3 thoughts on “If Someone Were To Die From Kratom, It Would Be Rare ~

  1. She’s right. I’ve seen a couple of people in kratom groups when they run out of kratom and cannot get more or are waiting on more, they feel uncomfortabla dnt think, oh my god, I’m addicted to it. I try to comfort where I can, but this kind of stuff seems to be getting more than more common. If I don’t have my caffeine every morning I get that same feeling. I don’t panic, cal up a rehab center for caffeine addiction, I just drink my caffeine. Am I addicted to caffeine? Maybe. But who cares. If I don’t vape at least once an hour, I start to feel edgy and irritable. AM I addicted to nicotine? Most likely. Big deal. The solution is not to ban kratom because banning kratom will just cause someone else, like me, to switch to a much more addictive substance to replace the kratom with. It will cause people to begin ordering it online from illegal sources to maintain access to it, I know this from personal experience. Banning it doesn’t fix the problem. It just creates new ones while the vast majority of people think, oh good, kratom is gone, I can stop worryinb about it. No, you cannot. Banning something makes using it illegal, but doesn’t do a thing to help anyone stop using it. It creates more addicts than would exist if it were to remain legal.

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    1. Kendell Clark You are so right. Your comment also made me think of the black market and how it would still be sold just illegally. Then that made me think well then we would have more poor innocent folks being charged as criminals for simply taking a safe herbal supplement for their pain. Which will be my next blog 💕lol 😘


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    Pada tanggal Min, 10 Jan 2021 09:31, Southeast Beautiful Kratom menulis:

    > Kami Ann Davis posted: ” Written By Kami Ann Davis [image: 🌹][image: 🍃] > It seems that people are so focused on anything that causes a withdrawal. > News flash, you can have emotional and mental withdrawals from all sorts of > things, including a simple change in someone’s routine. As humans, w” >

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