Body Brokering

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

The following is a letter I wrote to Simple Path Recovery, in South Beach Florida ~

It is regarding their recent article offering methadone and suboxone to Kratom consumers.

I cannot believe you (they) would ACTUALLY give a Kratom consumer MAT, to get them to stop their Kratom use. You (they) would be LITERALLY DEFEATING YOUR SO-CALLED PURPOSE. YOU would be RESPONSIBLE for turning someone who is CLEAN INTO A DRUG ADDICTED DEPENDENT ADDICT. Kratom is a weak-partial agonist. If you put a Kratom user on methadone, you would be transitioning them to a higher potency, higher addictive substance. You would be reversing the process and committing negligence. You are either highly ignorant or a body broker.

You are a (literal) danger to society, and I have a feeling, with you being in South Florida, that you are a body broker. I am going to put you in my blog and blast your intentions, so people are aware to not fall for this. Wow.. this is an all-time low for me to see.

By the way, BODY BROKERING is VERY REAL. Unfortunately, it’s prevalent in my state of California, eight hours away from me in (Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Pasadena/L.A.). But, South Florida is the WORST.

Here is an excerpt from one article describing the body brokering business in South Beach Florida.

‘About five years ago, Dillon Katz, entered a house in West Palm Beach, Fla.’

“I walked in and the guy was sitting at this desk — no shirt on, sweating,” Katz says.

‘The man asked Katz for a smoke.’

“So I gave him a couple cigarettes,” Katz says. “He went around the house and grabbed a mattress from underneath the house — covered in dirt and leaves and bugs. He dragged it upstairs and threw it on the floor and told me, ‘Welcome home.’ “

Beach Town Tries To Reverse Runaway Growth Of 'Sober Homes'

‘The house was a sober living house or “sober home” — a kind of privately owned halfway house intended to integrate recovering drug and alcohol users back into community life and help them stay on the right path. It was one of the first sober homes Katz lived in. He’s been in and out of drug treatment ever since.’

‘Some sober homes are good places. But others see a person who has an addiction as a payday.’

‘Amid the nation’s growing opioid crisis, South Florida has become a mecca for drug treatment. And as more people arrive looking for help, there’s more opportunity for corruption and insurance fraud. There are millions to be made in billing patients for unnecessary treatment and tests, according to officials investigating the problem.’

Back to my response to ‘Simple Path Recovery’ ~

You are money hungry and harmful, taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities, IF you are body brokering. If you are not, and think Kratom is dangerous, you have been mislead by the FDA’S disinformation campaign. KRATOM isn’t killing people left and right like METHADONE AND OPIOIDS. LOOK!!! Another death of someone who THOUGHT they were clean from opioids, taking methadone. It is mind blowing how anyone can even be so gullible to really believe that they’re getting clean by being addicted to methadone. Kratom is NOT a full agonist, nor an opioid. Get your facts straight.

You are literally harming anyone who you treat with MAT, off of Kratom. Kratom is nothing more than a weak-partial agonist. The plant isn’t even an opioid. You will be literally going IN REVERSE. It would be like giving a heavy coffee drinker methadone, to quit his caffeine withdrawals. 😑

Ohhh….And by the way after my fellow advocates and I spoke out against them and addressed them personally, I’m happy to say they took their article down. Guilty much?

Many thanks to my fellow fighters who are by my side 24/7 ~ Misty Brown, Kendell Lee Clark, Dave Robert’s .. the list goes on.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

One thought on “Body Brokering

  1. If you’d asked me, I’d have said body brokering didn’t exist, or at least, wasn’t as prevalent as kami thinks, but after this, I’m not so sure. I can definitely see some people taking addicts in and bilking them, while giving them nothing to help their addiction. Kratom could step in here. While it isn’t a cure all, it could help at least reduce the number of people for places like this to feed off of. I am not saying simple path recovery is involved in this. But their article was extremely negative, and I can’t say it for sure. At least, they don’t know much about kratom, don’t like the idea of someone taking it instead of their stuff, and want to see it gone. At worst, kami is right, and I’m staying far away from rehab places like that. The trick is, how to find a legitimate rehab center if you want to go that route for gettting free of an addiction? My advice would be, try kratom first. If it fails, then go that route. You might just find that you don’t need rehab.

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