Misconception #22 Because Kratom Is Opioid-LIKE, It Is An Opioid. Fact Check: FALSE!

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Have you noticed the complete hysteria that surrounds ANYTHING attached to the word opioid? Even though that may be wrong in my opinion, I very much want to clear this whole opioid classification debate, regarding this plant.

First of all, just because something has LIKE-effects or similarities with something else, it doesn’t mean they are identical or the same.

If that were the case, coffee would be classified as an amphetamine. There is an ongoing debate on whether or not Kratom is an actual opioid. Let me tell you that the FDA is probably trying to find an angle to classify it as such, because then they’d be able to schedule it as a Schedule 1 Narcotic. If that happens, it would either be banned or prescription only. But let’s face it, I don’t know how it could become prescription only, anytime soon. They will ruin it for sure. But, IF they do, that will be a long ways away, in order for them to make a medication out of Kratom. The thought of it shatters my heart, though. I just pray that we would still have access to our leaf, but I don’t see that happening, if they make it prescription only.

This is why we so desperately need the American Kratom Association. This is why they fight SO hard for us, to enact the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, on the federal level. We desperately NEED THEM and this piece of LEGISLATION, for the protection of our plant and the future of Kratom.

Back to the main point of discussion. Just because one thing has a similarity to another, it doesn’t make it identical, or the same. This analogy is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention delusional. If we used this rationale, then lots of substances would be the ‘same’ or classified as such, in a very unfair and unnecessary way.

Alcohol and cigarettes <<<both>>> affect the central nervous system and work in the <<<same>>> way, by calming nerves. They are also <<<both>>> stimulants. How delusional would it be to classify alcohol and cigarettes as being the same thing! They are NOT.

How about coffee and methamphetamines? These two substances both have the exact same effect on the central nervous system and our heart, mind, and circulatory system. Yet, they are both entirely different, especially in the sense of how safe they are. Coffee is much safer, <<<by volumes>>> as opposed to snorting a line of crank! Let’s get real here.

Or how about Liquid Melatonin, as a nighttime sleeping aid, as opposed to alcohol, as a nighttime sleeping aid? It wouldn’t be fair to say that Liquid Melatonin is just as dangerous and bad as alcohol because both substances work on the central nervous system and calm your heart and mind. Liquid melatonin is so safe that it’s given to children, as a sleeping aid. Liquid Melatonin has been a very useful sleeping aid for my son and I. It would be very harmful for the media to paint it as the same as alcohol, therefore; it must be dangerous, simply because it works in the same way or has LIKE-EFFECTS.

But, this is exactly what’s being said about Kratom, as a means to turn people away from it …unbeknownst to them. We are at war with our words and thoughts. They are very much trying to get a grip on society’s mind before you see and hear the TRUTH ABOUT THIS EXTRAORDINARY HOLISTIC AND BENEFICIAL PLANT. We are very much at war. A health and medication war.

But, this is why we advocates and Kratom consumers get so upset and frustrated because the way the FDA, DEA, Media, and even our own, at times …are confused and have been a victim of their brainwashing, regarding this plant.

The FDA has tried so hard at making people believe that Kratom is an opioid or atypical opioid, in a dangerous sense as a means to distort the truth and actual benefits that this plant has to offer. They’re highlighting the fact that it has the slightest kind of similarity to an opioid, therefore; it’s dangerous just like any opioid substance and that’s just not the truth.

Common sense is THIS: Kratom IS NOT DERIVED FROM THE POPPY SEED OR ANY POPPY PLANT. Therefore, what justifies anyone to label it an opioid? It is opioid-LIKE, because it attaches to our brain receptors. Well, lots of foods and beverages we consume attach to our brain receptors. So, no that is by no means a justification. Kratom doesn’t even attach in the same way as any opioid, so there’s two strikes against this approach.

There is no logic as to why Kratom would be labeled or classified as an opioid, in my opinion. Beside it being safer and attaching only partially to our brain receptors, it is also almost nonexistent for respiratory depression and overdose.

The only similarity that Kratom has with an opioid is that they both attach to receptors. There are many differences between Kratom and opioids.

The differences are as follows:

1. Kratom is safer because it DOESN’T attach in the same way as an opioid. It attaches only PARTIALLY, thus it is a partial agonist, unlike opioids ..which are full agonists, ATTACHING FULLY TO BRAIN RECEPTORS.

2. Kratom is safer, because it causes a positive side-effect, such as nausea and vomiting. If one ingests too much, vomiting occurs, in turn..an overdose would be extremely RARE. Opioids DO NOT DO THIS. Opioids have the opposite effect and allow a person to keep stacking the drug in their system, in turn adding the risk for respiratory depression to occur.

3. Kratom causes people to establish healthy habits, such as decreased alcohol use and increased water consumption, unlike opioids which do the opposite effect.

4. Because Kratom only attaches PARTIALLY to our brain receptors, this means it DOES NOT produce a rewarding, drug-type of ‘high’ or ‘haze’ like opioids do.

5. Because Kratom attaches only partially to brain receptors, it doesn’t grip your psyche, the same way as opioids do.

There are many differences between Kratom and opioids. The differences are what make Kratom so incredibly SAFE to take, not the similarity. As you can see above, these differences are literally life-saving!!!! The one similarity is irrelevant because it doesn’t cause harm. What is causing harm is the FDA, DEA, and media lying to everyone and twisting the truth into something that is a LIE.

Written By Kami Ann Davis 🌹

Abuse potential ~ 8 factor Kratom

The abuse potential of kratom according the 8 factors of the controlled substances act: implications for regulation and research


Mitragynine/Corynantheidine Pseudoindoxyls As Opioid Analgesics with Mu Agonism and Delta Antagonism, Which Do Not Recruit β-Arrestin-2


Mitragynine/Corynantheidine Pseudoindoxyls As Opioid Analgesics with Mu Agonism and Delta Antagonism, Which Do Not Recruit β-Arrestin-2


One thought on “Misconception #22 Because Kratom Is Opioid-LIKE, It Is An Opioid. Fact Check: FALSE!

  1. II’m not sure how to comment hear, without repeating the same tired old logic we both understand, so all i’ll say is that us kratom advocates know what kratom is and what it does, and we can teach others, as long as they have an open mind. But people who classify kratom as dangerous while simultaneously saying that their own drugs, methadone and suboxone or generic equivalents most often, do not have an open mind. This is going to sound a bit cruel, but sometimes I wonder whether people like that shoudl be left to suffer, since all they seem to do is spread hate and anger everywhere they go. If I could, I’d most likely deny these folks kratom, out of spite, only i’d be little better than them if I did that. Keep fighting, keep trying to educate, but there will always be people who simply will not listen, and it’s those people who could benefit from our plant the most. I’m also behind you on the KCPA, it just seems like efforts there have stauled, no new news that I’ve heard of. Still, you are right, we need the AKA. Every once in a while something they’re doing will set me off, but I’m still a kratom advocate

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