A Kratom Poem

How Has Kratom Helped You? American Kratom Consumers <<<Over 15 Million By The away>>>

Got me to lose excess weight. I’m off all prescription medications. It gave me my life back. It gave me my health back. It saved my life. It gave my children their mom back. Their dad back. It gave me, ME BACK. It gave me back a healthy liver. It gave me a desire to live life again. It gave me calmness again. It gave me back serenity and peace. It took away my depression. It took away my anxiety. It took away my brain fog. I can think clearly and focus now, and be sharper.. mentally and emotionally. It gave me back my sense of happiness because now I no longer suffer in pain, and suffering fatigue. And that’s just the tip of the ice burg!

Anti-Kratom People.. and their definition of a harmful substance. How has Kratom hurt you? You know how when you eat too much candy 🍭 and it gives you a stomach ache? Well, I took a pound of it everyday and didn’t feel very good, so I decided to keep taking it in large amounts, even though I knew better. Even though it makes me feel crappy I keep taking it. Kratom is SO SAFE that even though I take a pound of it everyday it doesn’t send me to the hospital. Just makes me feel kind of crappy. 🤪🤷🏼‍♀️

Ohhh …and after all this the anti-Kratomite now decides to stop suddenly and wonders why he has a runny nose and doesn’t feel well. 🥴🤯

7 thoughts on “A Kratom Poem

  1. That is top knotch, I love it! Especially the anti kratom parts, hilarious! You got the whole thing spot on too. Now lets hope an anti kratom person will read this and abstain from bothering us

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  2. do people actually take pounds or even kilos of kratom at one dose? Even people with agonizing pain should know that that much kratom won’t provide pain relief beyond a certain point, although I’m not sure when kratom loses it’s effectiveness, the ceiling dose. I think somewhere around 10 grams, but I’ve heard of people taking 15 or even 20 grams at a dose, so I could be wrong

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    1. So, I have read a lot of comments by people over the years in groups etc say their standard dose and how much they go through per month and it’s STAGGERING. All I can say is that I sincerely hope that IF they do end up having negative effects later and on top of it the plant loses its effectiveness that they at least not go and start bashing it. I just find a lot of times ppl don’t take accountability for what they are doing or they’re not being truthful. I have ppl that ask me at times how to taper and I’m glad to help but it makes me really mad if somebody doesn’t do a slow taper and then starts complaining about how awful they’re feeling. Some ppl taking high amounts of extracts suddenly stop or decrease drastically and then wonder why they don’t feel well. I told them you can’t do that with most things in life. I said you gotta taper slowly. They just wanna be done with it but that’s not how life works. Most all medications or herbs are like that you have to decrease slowly and gently transition. Also, why does anyone think you can take gobs and gobs of this plant without feeling crappy or negative side effects happening? I mean, no one would go and take a whole bottle of anything unless they’re reckless or don’t care. But again not the plants fault and you and I both know that. Moderation is key with ANYTHING in life. Why would it be any different with Kratom imo 🙏🍃

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  3. But to be clear, some people need to take a heavier dose due to PAWN but I still know that once the PAWS is over that lots of folks can decrease it but this isn’t what I’m referring to. I just think there is some abuse and overtaking with some and if so it’s a waste and just not a good idea imo bc I see ppl run into problems. Less is always better and ‘more’ when you’re using anything that has an ability for tolerance. Anything that you can become accustomed to should be used as minimal as possible in order for it to be successfully taken on a longterm basis

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  4. it’s as if they think that since it’s a plant, it’s automatically safe, which is weird, plants have chemicals in them just as drugs do, so they’re the same. I’m not really very good with kratom bashers, I don’t really care why they’re complaining and my gut reaction is to get frustrated or angry, so I try to stay far away from them. When I have to deal with them, I probably get ignored because I go right to the point, I don’t dance around. Not that you do, you just have a much cooler head than I do. The problem with some of this is that IMO people aren’t given a chance to slowly taper off of the pain meds they’re taking kratom to substitute for, they are just on them one minute and then off, and if a doctor does try a taper, then you run into withdrawals because people have gotten used to a much higher dose, or if the person is stubborn and complies, their pain is likely back because it isn’t enough to deal with it, so they think kratom is the same thing. It isn’t, but I’m not sure what can be done about this. We educate and we educate, and some people listen, but some, don’t. Then when they get the same results they go on a crusade, this plant is dangerous bla bla. Then we have to clean up their mess

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    1. No … I’m not talking about ppl tapering from opioids. Even tho that is wise. I’m talking about different scenarios in the the Kratom Community that I have run into. I’ve had people ask me for help in how to taper off of heavy doses of Kratom. They suddenly decrease from high dose to barely nothing then wonder why they don’t feel well. It’s not the plant that’s the negative one, it’s the person. Ppl don’t take the time to slowly decrease off of something and/or slowly transition which is what a taper is <> Then they go on to bash the plant saying it causes withdrawals when it wouldn’t have if they would’ve slowly tapered


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