You CAN Take Kratom Longterm, With Success ~ It’s an honor and many thanks to all of you lovely souls 🌹🍃#TheFacesOfKratom #SoutheastBeautiful #IAmKratom #IAmKamiDavis #KratomGaveMeBackMyHealth

Take a look at these amazing souls who are Kratom consumers. These ARE the Faces of KRATOM. The faces of America.

Something I want to highlight regarding Kratom is how doctors are either LYING and HIDING the FACT …OR just plain ignorant or misinformed about the following.

I keep hearing doctors say that people cannot successfully take Kratom longterm. WRONG. I have <<<literally>>> thousands of friends, Kratom consumers who have been taking Kratom between 5 and 10 years with complete success.

If you need to take Kratom long-term, it’s important to switch strains and vendors. Taking breaks is a good idea also. But, as long as you don’t abuse this plant and switch strains and vendors regularly, there’s no reason why you cannot benefit from this plant long-term.

I have been taking this plant for three years and I am still taking the same exact amount as I did when I first started. It still works the same as it did, when I first started.

I find it sad that doctors focus on the few people who don’t benefit from this plant. It’s unrealistic and they should know better, especially psychiatrists who understand addiction and behavior, that it’s not true to say that just because some people don’t benefit from something that it’s bad or harmful. If we used this rationale in life, we wouldn’t be able to ingest ANYTHING.

For example, to ban alcohol because a small amount of people abuse it would be nonsense. But, ACTUALLY a very LARGE amount of people abuse alcohol, yet no one cares about this. I agree that it should be of free choice though. However, Kratom is not harmful to very many, if at all …yet it’s made out to be this harmful substance. LIES are being told to carry out the FDA’s disinformation campaign. Pay attention ~

To say that Kratom caused negative side-effects for a small group of people, therefore it’s harmful or has zero benefit is absolutely wrong and makes zero sense. In medicine, the FDA goes by the following guidelines all the time. In order for a medication to be safely approved, it HAS to have benefits that outweigh the risk. As a nurse, this rationale in pharmacology was drilled into our head.

As you can SEE, the positive side-effects of kratom far outweigh any negative side-effects. This is why NURSES like ME, and others who work hard in pain ..every single day NEED and deserve for this plant to stay LEGAL. If these faces, testimonies, and my blog content isn’t enough, then look up the blue links in my articles and read the science. Luv Kam🌹🍃

The Faces Of Kratom

12 thoughts on “You CAN Take Kratom Longterm, With Success ~ It’s an honor and many thanks to all of you lovely souls 🌹🍃#TheFacesOfKratom #SoutheastBeautiful #IAmKratom #IAmKamiDavis #KratomGaveMeBackMyHealth

  1. Personally, I vary my dose of kratom. It’s a very tight variation, but it is there. 6g to 8g, never, not once, over it. But most people don’t even do that. Still, this isn’t even close to a harmful dose, let alone a lethal one.

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    1. I think that’s awesome to adjust your dose and is admirable to anyone who does. It just goes to show that Kratom is not highly addictive if any for a lot of folks. Because if it was addicting like the FDA tries to paint it then ppl wouldn’t have success in doing this. They would increase their dose and stay at that amount. Kudos to you and as always I appreciate hearing your experience etc with our plant 🌱

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  2. This doctor bee drives me crazy. I’ll try to shorten my usual rant on this, and just say that a lot of medicines are addictive, as are recreational substances. Antidepressants, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opioids, stimulants, including ADHD medicines, are all addictive to one degree or another. So are alcahol and nicotine. Check out the following as references. Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms at Benzodiazepine withdrawal at Barbiturate withdrawal at I could go on but I won’t. I’ll simply say that if we decided which substances to take based on how addictive they are, we’d be able to take very little, if any, of the medicines that doctors routinely prescribe. We wouldn’t be able to smoke, drink, use marijuana, mushrooms, the list goes on. Kratom has some addiction potential but not nearly as much as the links I’ve provided. The benefits far far outweigh the risks as far as kratom goes, as well as most of the drugs commonly prescribed, but just because doctors do not tell you a drug is addicting does not automatically mean that it isn’t. Then there are things that can be addicting that aren’t clinically addictive, meaning you can get into a habbit of taking or using it, even though there isn’t a clinically diagnosable addiction to such things as internet, potato chips, sex, and so on. We’re advocating for this plant for one reason and one only. We want to make sure it’s available for those that need it or want to take it. Kratom can be taken long term, as in decades. I’ve been using it for about a year, so I’m new compared to most of the kratom users out there. And we’re all tired of being compared to drug addicts or abusing drugs when a, kratom is not a drug, it’s a food, b, it manages our pain or depression without the need for consulting a doctor, although it’s still at least a good idea to make sure your doctor knows about it, and c, would you rather we take kratom, a natural plant, or narcotics, which, while they do usually work, have problems of their own? Lots of us take kratom not only because it works for us but because it helps more than just the pain or depression, there are lots of benefits of kratom we don’t even understand yet

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    1. I understand how you feel. Without Kratom I wouldn’t be able to have quality of life. I suffered so much before I found this plant. I refuse to go back to that. My brother, we won’t let them. I will fight til my last breath if I have to. And btw it’s very nice to meet you. 😊🍃


    1. That’s awesome you can confidently speak about it, with him. Not all doctors are supporting of it. Any good doctor should at least learn about it, from the actual science backing up its benefits and do the research into any so-called death bc so far, they’ve been debunked


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