I Am Not A Vendor. I AM A Writer ~

Hey guys! If you’re interested in more videos regarding Kratom advocacy, check out my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCskLcoZ_ZTWY5kYry4eIrOw

By the way, I really wish that people had a little more faith in others. For example, not everyone giving advice is doing it for an ulterior motive. As you can see in my video and listen to my words, I advocate because I want to tell people about the success and great results I’m having from this incredible plant called Kratom.

Please listen to the following and you will know how Kratom changed my life for the better. Love and Hugs Kam 🍃💕

The following above is YouTube with TickTock below ~


One thought on “I Am Not A Vendor. I AM A Writer ~

  1. 100 points for both videos. Of course you’re not marketing anything, you are, and always have been, as long as I’ve known you, a kratom advocate and have never, to my knowledge, attempted to get money from anyone, except in support of the AKA, you don’t encourage people to buy kratom from particular venders other than to say what you’ve personally experienced, and that’s more than ok. More bad comments? I and all other kratom advocates are here for you, though you probably don’t want me anywhere near you right now, but i’m still here anyway


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