How To Consume Kratom

There are several ways of consuming Kratom. Three years ago, when I started taking this herb, I found chocolate syrup was my go to. Makes great chocolate milk.

Kratom Hot Chocolate ~

3 Tablespoons Hersey syrup

Glass of milk

Desired dose of Kratom powder

Measure your desired dose of Kratom and mix into the chocolate syrup first, until it forms a paste. Warm your milk in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes. Then stir your Kratom-chocolate mix into your milk. 🥛 Drink and enjoy!

Kratom Tea ~

Poor desired amount of water in tea pot or place in microwave and heat until HOT.

Take away from heat and add desired Kratom dose. Add honey and lemon. 🍋 Stir and Enjoy!

Of course, there is the toss n wash method but honestly I’m not a fan because I’m always afraid I’m going to choke on the powder. But, if you do it right no fear. Lots of people toss and wash. My favorite way to consume that I find to be most convenient is the mix and wash method.

‘Mix and Wash’ is as follows: Take desired dose of Kratom and mix in a bottle of Tropicana that is halfway full. Then heat it in the microwave for 15 seconds, so the plant matter dissolves some. Then chug it. I find the quicker you get it down, the more relief you get for pain , etc.

Some other great foods to mix Kratom with is yogurt, milk shake, smoothie, and apple sauce. These work well because they are easy to digest and are liquid based. Therefore, the Kratom will work well more quickly, as opposed to taking it with heavy foods. If you have a sensitive stomach, and can’t take Kratom on an empty stomach, these foods are perfect.

If you’re not a fan of powder, you CAN take it in capsule form but it is less effective and doesn’t absorb as well, due to the gelatin and material in the capsules.

There are oblate disks you can buy online if you have a hard time with drinking Kratom. They are thin dissolving disks which you place the powder in. I have heard they are hard to swallow though for some. So, a word of caution to those who have difficulty with swallowing vitamins and minerals. But, I also know lots of people who consume it this way. I will add a link where you can buy.

Oblate Discs – Japanese Edible Film, 200pcs

Kratom ON folks!!! Here’s to being happy, healthy, and thriving!!!! ~ 💕Kami Davis🍃

2 thoughts on “How To Consume Kratom

  1. Kratom hot chocolate? Now that’s one thing I don’t think I would’ve tried. I’d never even heard of these disks. I really like kratom tea, although I usually end up forgetting the powder doesn’t dissolve so my last drink is very powdery. She’s right about the capsules, if you’re going to take capsules, just take a mouthful with warm or hot liquid, it will make the caps dissolve a little faster. It’s how I take kratom, but they cost a bit more than your usual bag of powder

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