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The number one reason for creating this blog is to dispel the lies that surround Kratom. Something that is VERY much a part of the Kratom community and should STAY PART of our BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL community is any person who has ever been addicted to any kind of substance.

It’s got to be the worst time in history to be a doctor or a nurse. Three factors make this true, and that’s the pandemic, the war on Kratom, and the opioid crisis, thus opioid hysteria. I for one, am glad I’m not nursing in a hospital right now. With that said, I believe that Big Pharma, the FDA, and our government purposely created the opioid crisis.

This is all about money. I have a theory and that’s doctors are not really calling the shots. Maybe once upon a time, they were, but it doesn’t appear to be this way anymore. It’s like we have shadow doctors and that’s the government and Big Pharma. I believe that people who fall into the category of having a ‘substance abuse disorder or opioid disorder’ are being used as pawns in a cruel Big Pharma money game.

Something that bothers me to the CORE is how people in recovery, trying to find sobriety, looking to change their lives are always pointed in the direction of a methadone clinic <<<MAT>>>. In case anyone does not know what this means yet …it stands for medication assisted treatment. Besides being pointed to the MAT community, they’re brainwashed into thinking that Kratom is a drug among all other drugs, in which they should stay away from.

I’m not talking about folks who go to a 12-step program or types of recovery that aren’t MAT. This is directed towards MAT recovery and these types of recovery centers.

This bares repeating ~ I think people who are labeled drug addicts who have substance abuse disorders are pawns in a cruel Big Pharma money game. They are victims for sure, because they’re being given very few options to be free of heroin or morphine-like substances. Kratom is 1,000 times safer and less addicting than morphine. It’s less addicting and safer than methadone and Suboxone. It also has the least amount of side effects. It’s easier to quit also. If someone is trying to be free of all substances or has a desire to want to take ANYTHING, they definitely should not get on Suboxone or methadone.

I have had friends who tried getting off of Morphine-like opioids by taking methadone and they get highly addicted to methadone. They are trading one drug for the other. They realize this of course and go back to their desired drug.

When you take Kratom, most people do not become highly addicted to it and that is the TRUTH.

When you take Kratom, you are not trading one drug for the other. Kratom is a tea leaf, a food ..the same as coffee. In fact, it’s derived from coffee trees also. It has the same properties as caffeine does, a psychoactive stimulant. So, no you’re not consuming any kind of morphine-like substance when you take Kratom. Therefore, you are not trading one drug for the other. Caffeine in coffee and tea is a partial agonist. Kratom is also.

My point is that Kratom is a better and safer choice than suboxone or methadone, if you’re wanting to quit opioids or heroin.

However, Big Pharma and the FDA <<<our government>>> do NOT want Americans to know about this plant because there is no money in it. Most of these clinics are all in it for the money. They’re basically pushing drugs or an agenda down people’s throats, so you can continue to be their meal ticket.

If you don’t believe me, look up ‘body brokering’. It’s REAL and very sad and creepy. In my state of California it’s very bad. Florida is the worst though. Body brokering is where these fake recovery centers set up shop and reel people in so they can ‘treat’ you and collect your insurance money. They’re not treating anyone by any means. In fact, most times the patient endures mental and emotional trauma and stress as a result.

The Big Pharma Money Game is all about hiding the truth about Kratom and brainwashing vulnerable people into thinking that Methadone and Suboxone are the way to go and that Kratom is bad. For the most part, they have succeeded because most of the MAT community thinks Kratom is this horrible dangerous, highly-addictive substance. Kratom is no such thing. However, for the ones who think this and who have been brainwashed, they have been used and manipulated ..and they ARE being used as pawns ♟ in Big Pharma’s Money Game.

I’m thankful that I didn’t get caught in their spider web or their game of lies. My eyes are wide open and I am awake. Therefore, I will never allow myself to be a pawn. I hope for whoever is reading this, that you won’t either. However, if you have been blinded and think you’re caught, it’s not too late. You can transition to Kratom, if you’re taking methadone or Suboxone. Please reach out to me if you’re wanting to and are frightened or have questions. I’m on various platforms if you don’t want to comment here. Go to ‘Contact Information’ in this blog and message me. My inbox is always opened. Love and Hugs ~ 💕Kami Ann🍃

7 thoughts on “Pawns ♟

  1. Wow, someone really irritated you to get this kind of a response, but I am forced to agree. I won’t say that it’s a grand conspiracy, because thoughts like that tend to send my mind in a logic loop from which I can’t break out of, but somebody is definitely up to something. Malicious something. I’d never even heard of body brokering, but the idea makes my skin crawl. I’m glad I never tried any MAt option if that is really what the community around it is like, for them to kick out such a wonderful and positive person makes me doubly glad I never signed up. I might have, had I not heard of kratom. I can tell you that when I was first given the tramadol and on my addiction journey with it, never, not once, was I told that there might even be another option. Lets ignore kratom for the moment, I wasn’t even told that there were other options. I was given three possibilities. Suffer the withdrawal, or get on methadone or suboxone, or join N A or your local zero tolerance drug group. None of those options, least of all methadone and subozone, appealed to me. I was weary of those drugs, I suspected and a quick wikipedia search confirmed that they are just as addictive as the tramadol is, even more so. Had my mom not found out about and turned me onto kratom, I’d likely still be in debt, buying tramadol each and every month, and suffering the rest of the month because we didn’t have enough money for food, let alone food and bills. Although I never completely collapsed, I nearly did several times. I never got evicted, ran into major financial debt, or had utilities cut, but it was a close shave several times. I’m so glad I take kratom now and that it not only works on my pain but keeps me away from all other opioids. For anyone to block such a positive person from a group she’s volunteering her time for and has altruistic motives for, she’s trying to help people get off of opioids, some of the most addictive drugs available, you’ve got to be either stupid or malicious. Kami is absolutely right. Whether you classify kratom as a food or a drug, it is nothing like the drugs it’s used to get off of, although it does have similar effects. To explain why would confuse most people, so all I’ll say is that it has pain relieving effects through the same mechanism as opioids, but it does so completely differently, it does the same things, but not in the same exact ways, as opioids. That’s confusing even to me, so if you want to look up the scientific details, use your favorite search engine. Kami is kind and will help people, I will to, but to a point only. If you’re not willing to figure out how kratom is different, then maybe you should stick with your methadone or suboxone. We’re trying to protect access to a plant which helps thousands, if not millions, of people, and although we’re willing to help others do so, we are not willing to both do that and try to change your mind for you. You either like kratom and are willing to try it or you are not, and shouldn’t.

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    1. Just so you know.. this is not in response to any particular person. I am targeting Big Pharma and our government ~ that’s who no one else is at fault for this. I’m not sure why you keep thinking ppl are attacking me. No one is attacking me or making me mad. I am addressing the issues that Americans face as a whole. This is a problem we are facing across this country


  2. This is the sort of support I got when I first switched to kratom and when I switched from the tramadol. I sent this to you in a twitter post, but I don’t think I sent it all. I said something about kratom on facebook, I think, and this is the reaction I got. I warn you, it’s not pleasant. But this goes back to your whole post, and the last couple before that. Quote below
    Dennis Elliott
    Dennis Elliott
    Kendell, you know it really isnt smart at all to be putting on Facebook all the shit you are buying. You are gonna end up having some other dope head breaking into your house to steal the shit that they cant find. You need to get off all that shit before you kill yourself with it. If you dont quit spending all you money on that shit, you are gonna find yourself living on the street. Get your head out of your ass and sober up!
    That was sent aprox 30 weeks ago, back in feb or march I think, after I was long on the kratom. I’m not precisely sure what I posted, but if I know me, it was probably something like, so glad I use kratom, I just bought 2 kilos of kratom, and so on.


  3. It’s probably a logic fault of mine, whenever you get exasperated or angry, I automatically think MAT people. Now that you’ve said different, I can stop worrying about it. But I’m not sure what we can do about it, you can’t simply go up to your average big pharma rep and rant at them, although that would probably feel good. I was trying to finish commenting on you getting blocked from the group you’ve spent so much of your time on, but it’s done and can’t be undone, so I don’t have to worry about people coming back on you over it. I want to be supportive, but I’m not sure how we can work together to undo what is being done. Sorry for all the rants, when I get talking, I take a long long time to cool down, and that group of yours you’re no longer a part of is a sore point with me. But if I let go of that, then I have no one to target, nor do I know how to fix what exasperates you. Drug addicts are stigmatized, always have been, and it seems to be as fundamental as foundations on a building, although what oregon just did would be a start, if all other states did the same


  4. It sounds like I’m starting to exasperate you myself, if so i can shut up for a month or two, you wouldn’t be the first person I talked out of having anything to do with me lol. In all seriousness though, I do want to help, but this seems a society probpel, or a government problem, possibly both, and what can the entire kratom advocacy community do about it when we are ignored, looked down on, or simply disregarded when we speak up?


  5. This is mostly my fault, I haven’t unlearned the asociation between an angry Kami and the mat group, it’ll take a while before that memory path in my brain is overwritten. I do agree with you about this entire article as well as the last, three or four? Other kratom activists hate the idea of taking methadone or suboxone but they don’t know how to convince whoever is in charge to accept kratom, let alone embrace it, which I do think should be done. I’ll stop commenting to give you a chance to reply, I sense I’m at your limits


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