A 15-Year Old Boy Dies Of A Methadone Overdose ~

The following is an article about a 15-year old boy who died of a methadone overdose. WE ARE BEING USED AS PAWNS IN A BIG PHARMA GAME. WAKE UP.

Methadone and Suboxone are NOT the answer to the opioid epidemic. KRATOM IS THE ANSWER. The VERY THING they don’t want you to know about is the VERY THING that CAN SAVE YOU. THE VERY THING they are hiding from you is the VERY THING that can HELP YOUR HEALTH. The very thing they want you TO HATE IS THE VERY THING that IS THE ANSWER. The meaning of DEVIL is LIE. Stop being manipulated and believing that the lie is the truth. The very thing which can save your life they are condemning because they don’t care about you living a long, happy, and healthy life.. because they can’t make money with you being free from their chains.

They make more money off of you when you’re addicted and sick, because you’re easier to control this way AND you are paying them to keep you sick by going to these clinics.

The following is the reason why I wrote my previous article. Because Kratom doesn’t kill people like methadone. To date, Kratom doesn’t even kill. Good luck trying to find any actual data proving Kratom <<<alone>>> kills. This is why I support and promote this plant. Also, Kratom doesn’t get you high like methadone or Suboxone. Because I AM a nurse and want to use my credentials and experience, as much as I can to help people. I want to help people see the truth. ~ Respectfully yours, Kami Ann Davis

‘He was found deceased in his bed on Sept. 19, 2017, the morning after going home sick from his shift at the pharmacy. An autopsy determined the 15-year-old boy died of a methadone overdose.

The amount of the drug in his system indicated he would have fallen ill within 30 minutes of consuming it. He first vomited at work at 7 p.m. on Sept. 18, 2017, and had been at the pharmacy since about 3:30 p.m. that day.

The College’s findings do not include evidence the boy obtained the methadone from the pharmacy, but surveillance tapes revealed he was “permitted to be in the dispensary and the compounding rooms in Sunrise Pharmacy without supervision on thirteen separate occasions for varying lengths of time.”’


7 thoughts on “A 15-Year Old Boy Dies Of A Methadone Overdose ~

  1. What was a 15 year old doing with methadone? Was he taking it as a pain killer or to try to ween himself off of something else? Either way, he should have tried kratom and he’d probably be alive now. I’m still hesitant to declare government conspiracy, but I certainly can’t refute it. it’s too obvious. I may have to agree at some point about the conspiracy, and I definitely agree about the money, they don’t like kratom mostly because a company can’t pattent it’s alkaloids. Why they say it’s addictive and dangerous though I don’t know, except to speculate that they’re hoping people will avoid it


  2. One thing that can wind me up quickly is when traumatized families speak out against kratom, my protectiveness flairs up, and I have trouble thinking past it. We need to tell people about kratom yes, but in a way that isn’t so confrontational, my problem not yours, that they walk off. How to respond with scientific info and user testimonials without getting frustrated? You are very good at that, I’m not. I try usually, but it probably leaks through. it’s ironic, because I think of myself as reasonably level headed, but when I really get worked up, thinking becomes difficult.


  3. Unfortunately I agree with you 100%. A lot of people who use these drugs to get off of other drugs then lock onto these drugs as the solution to their addiction, and either do not understand or choose not to believe the fact that, as they accuse us, they are trading one drug for another. You know this far better than I, and there are people which we absolutely cannot under any circumstances convince, but still we try. It is the reason we fight for kratom, not just because it can be a solution to opioid addiction, not only because it can be a solution to mental health issues, but because it’s right out here, in black and white, try me! All it would have taken for most of us is for someone to let us know kratom was available, and I cannot understand why I never looked for an alternative. It just never occured to me. Most of us would never have become dependent on opioids if we’d known about kratom, but no one thought to tell us until we were so addicted, it was try kratom or go into rehab. Mind you I’m not saying you were like that at all, but I know I was, and a lot of other people were. I plan to start coming onto misty’s live events, whenever she wants me on them that is, because I’m no longer content to simply fight in text, I want to fight in person. I am not exagerating when I say this blog is the most important site when it comes to kratom testimonials, and good, easy to understand scientific info about kratom. Other sources can be found, but it takes some digging to pull them up unless you know to look for them. Since we’re working together, I think we are anyway, is there anything we can do to get the “kratom is bad” articles, if not removed, then at least mixed with the “kratom is good” articles? The first thing you see when looking for kratom are those, and unless you are determined, you will not find info on kratom that doesn’t scue your opinion of it

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  4. Its such a colundrum. Trying to balance the people who are shaming addicts for MAT treatment makes me stick up for it more because my son, im convinced will not be able to live substance free on his head…..but then I feel like a pawn for big pharma- the same people who I believe encouraged and promoted this nightmare. What to do???

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    1. By the way, I would never ever ever shame anyone for being on MAT. I believe that there is a way for everyone. I only want to highlight the facts though and unfortunately that means bringing to light some hard truths about the chemical makeup of sub and methadone. Bc it’s so unfair such a complete double standard how they lie about Kratom saying it’s an opioid yet methadone is ..when Kratom is simply a partial agonist. Also, sub is derived from thebaine a naturally occurring alkaloid from the poppy flower along with methadone but sub having thebaine in it that is very tough to get off of. Still I support it if that works better for someone. I want so much for Kratom to be known also so at least ppl can have freedom of choice to either go with MAT or PAT (Plant Assisted Therapy) 🥰🍃Vivitrol I think would be way better than Suboxone bc it only consists of naltrexone (one of the ingredients in Suboxone that isn’t derived from the poppy plant). It blocks cravings


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