When It Comes To Addiction And Withdrawals, Society, The FDA, DEA, And Media Hold A Double Standard ~

There is a right and wrong way to take Kratom. Regarding caffeinated products also. That goes for anything in life. Sex, gambling, even house cleaning can be done in an unhealthy way that is harmful or abusive. It’s not so much having to do with the behavior or substance. It is the person that is a danger to themselves or others. It IS psychiatric.

However, the following is a double standard. If they accept caffeine and coffee/tea products etc. fully recognizing that it’s addictive and is a psychoactive, then they have to stop condemning our plant. If you took both substances at the same doses, you would possibly get the same kind of residuals, such as withdrawals. But, like they say.. it’s harmless. Well, so is Kratom. They even go on to say that it’s not life-threatening. They’re right in that caffeine, for the most part, doesn’t kill. However, depending on the form and dose, it can get riskier. But, all in all it would be very rare for someone to overdose on coffee or tea. What’s the difference between Kratom? Nothing. It’s the same exact thing. To date, there are no deaths as a result from taking pure Kratom leaf. You don’t see people dying and overdosing from coffee or Kratom. Any related Kratom death is due to poly-drug use and/or underlying health conditions, serious ones at that.

It’s time to stop fooling Americans into thinking Kratom is this opioid that kills. Or that Kratom is something harmful. Kratom is 1,000 times safer than morphine, so how can it be harmful?? All herbs and minerals sometimes have mild side effects. But, it’s just that, mild.

Remember this, if you are taking Kratom and are having negative side-effects that outweigh the positive, then that means maybe your chemistry doesn’t agree with this herb. But, don’t lie or misrepresent this plant by saying it’s a dangerous substance. If you keep taking it or exhibit out-of-control behavior it’s you that’s the dangerous piece in your puzzle. Not this plant.

The following is an excerpt taken out of the article below. It baffles me how they fully recognize caffeine as a psychoactive mind-altering drug, yet it is fully accepted within our culture and by society. It is a big fat DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!!

‘The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM -5) recognizes caffeine withdrawal as a medical diagnosis that can produce some negative symptoms because caffeine has addictive potential and stimulatory properties.’

‘Of course, caffeine is not life-threatening like alcohol or drugs, but it still can create addiction. One study says that 90% of US adults use coffee regularly and they consume on average 200 mg which equals two cups of coffee per day.’

“Anyone who drinks caffeine regularly and then stops suddenly can be prone to having withdrawal symptoms.”

‘If you want to cut back on coffee, it’s important to do it gradually to minimize side effects. Here are some symptoms of caffeine withdrawal that you can expect in case you want to quit drinking coffee.’ ~ gildshire

Same thing with Kratom folks! It’s not rocket science. If you want to cut down on your Kratom use, decrease gradually. If you are incredibly addicted and cannot even taper and you’re having out-of-control behavior then you need psychiatric help. Because you have underlying issues driving you to be this way. But, in no way shape or form is this the plant’s fault. It is your behavior and psychiatric illness.

So many people don’t realize the reasons behind addictions. It is almost always something related to a trauma that occurred in their past and now they are self-medicating with whatever desired substance or negative behavior to kill the pain.

Remember..that Kratom isn’t a magic pill that will make all your problems go away. Kratom is a TOOL. A tool to help you manage your problems and hopefully resolve them. The wrong way to take Kratom would be to use it to avoid your emotional or mental pain. Physical pain is different but that too should be resolved if it’s possible. For some like myself, I will always need to take something for my pain because I’m permanently debilitated. I have chronic pain that never goes away. This after trying every single thing under the sun to try to get better. There comes a time when you have to accept what you’ve been given in life and deal with it the best way you know how.

However, you have to be real with yourself too. It’s okay to take Kratom if you’re stuck with chronic issues that are never going to go away. However, I believe one should try every other form of non-medication therapy and use meds and herbs as a last resort.

If you have had trauma in your life, I pray that you haven’t blocked it out and are strong enough to get therapy for it. Because if you don’t, you will stay stuck. Love and Hugs 💕Kami Ann🍃

What are Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms?

2 thoughts on “When It Comes To Addiction And Withdrawals, Society, The FDA, DEA, And Media Hold A Double Standard ~

  1. I think most of the problems with kratom opponents isn’t actively vindictive, it’s simply lack of knowledge and lack of knowing how to research. The FDA, certain media organizations, Somebody at kelo land can’t remember her name off hand, Angela Kennecky I think, really doesn’t like kratom and wants to see it banned, if she can, but most people just don’t know what kratom is, what kratom’s effects are, and what opioids are. Most people when they hear opioid, they automatically think “narcotic” and most of the time they’re right, but not in kratom’s case. If you research kratom, the very first thing you will see is the FDA’s official stance on kratom. Doctors, nurses, hospital people, they’re not actively vindictive either. They see the FDA’s words, assume they’re right because they’ve grown up assuming they’re right, and stop there. There are again some doctors who actively don’t like kratom, but most just don’t know. These are the peole I think we can reach. If they’re receptive, and want to listen. Then another category is people who are on official opioid addiction drugs being told to try kratom, they resist. They resist because drug addiction makes them resist. It says “don’t listen to that person, just keep taking me.” And it does so in a way which is very hard to fight off. Most people, if told about kratom and if shown the science will at least give it a try, but some won’t. We need kratom to stay accessible because more and more people will try it as it remains available. I’m not sure what to say about people who negatively post in your and MIsty’s group, I can’t understand how a kratom advocate who’s in a kratom group can still hate it, why are they there if they don’t like it? Stay strong, stand true, we’ll keep fighting. All of us. I’m just about to make my first recording, upload it either to twitter or youtube, and we can advocate from there. I’m willing to do facebook live, because I am on facebook, if I can figure out how. But I’ll get my message out one way or the other. People who say we’re trying to force kratom on them, how do they get that logic? We’re trying to tell them about it and say they can try it if they want, but we’re not a rehab facility, we’re not doctors, we’re telling them they have options, and then leave it up to them. If they’re negative after that, shrug, what can you do? We still get upset because it’s hard to watch someone struggling continue to struggle because of their own emotions, but some people just cannot be reasoned with, that’s something I’ve learned the hard way since advocating for kratom and it doesn’t go down easily. I still struggle with it.

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