Come Find Me On TickTock And YouTube ~

Hi guys.. I have decided to add a few extra platforms to advocate on. I will be shooting videos now…explaining what Kratom is, how to take it, and how to grow it.

Also, I will be addressing mental health and sharing my experiences as a psychiatric nurse and what it was like to work deep in the underground world of mental institutions and acute psychiatric facilities.

Stay tuned! Love ya! Kam🍃

If only these precious souls knew about Kratom, they may be alive today.
Growing Kratom in the U.S. of A. ~ on my YouTube channel
You can find at
Come find me on TickTock..
Kratom and Mental Health

2 thoughts on “Come Find Me On TickTock And YouTube ~

  1. This has inspired me to make a kratom channel of my own and shoot videos. Not exactly sure how to accomplish this but I’ll figure it out. This is not a competition, just trying to reach kratom users in texas, and also share my own story.

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    1. My brother I’m so happy to hear that!!! I’ve been hoping you’d come over to YouTube or Facebook. I saw you on YouTube. It’s not at all about competition with me!!! I do this in hopes that other advocates will do the same. It takes an army. We need as many awesome advocates to fight and spread the word. I will be your number one fan and support!!!!


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