Consuming Plant Matter And Watering Your Soul ~

My apologies for not talking about this sooner because it’s THEE most IMPORTANT THING to remember when consuming Kratom.


You must drink at least the recommended daily amount of water. If you don’t, you will get a headache.

If this happens, drink water and you will see your headache vanish. HOWEVER, dehydration is nothing to mess with.

If you don’t drink water and are consuming Kratom all throughout the day, you could start to feel ill. If dehydration is ignored and you neglect to properly hydrate, you can expect negative consequences. They are probably temporary, however; in order to consumer this plant successfully.. you must drink WATER. 💦 ~ 💕Kam🍃

Afterthought ~ The positive to this is that no one can ever say Kratom is a gateway for drinking alcohol. Because for one alcohol itself is very dehydrating and WILL require you to drink lots of water if you even attempt a couple of beers. But, Kratom forces you to HAVE TO drink the recommended amount, to keep you healthy. That is a GOOD THING and a HEALTHY THING. Thus, Kratom encourages us to establish healthy habits unlike FDA approved opioids or MAT/methadone/suboxone.

Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow on Public Policy for the American Kratom Association
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