We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Floyd Fonck ~

How many tragedies must befall a soul before they are saved? How many times must a heart be broken before it can mend and truly heal? For this fallen angel, more times than you can imagine. This man has been through more than most could bare.

Mr. Floyd Fonck shares his heart and soul through his truth and experiences he’s had throughout his life. Surviving more than one person possibly can imagine, after you read this you will have not one excuse to get up and contribute to our world and make it better.

Floyd Fonck is an example of what it means to succeed in life. He makes me want to be a better person, go out into the community, and make life beautiful like this man does.

This war warrior slayed the dragon. Through his heartfelt yet strength in words and amazing writing, you will learn what it means to never give up, even when the odds are against you. You will know that anything in life IS possible, as long as you have the will to live and the heart to want to go on. ~ Kam🍃

Because he has such a good heart and brightest of mind, he survived and triumphed. ~ Many thanks to you my brother, for allowing me to share such an important part of your life. It is truly an honor and I am inspired. Respectfully Yours, Kami Davis🍃

“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring…” — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

“I’ve died a thousand deaths, each time reinventing myself brighter, stronger, and purer than before. From the midst of destruction, I became the creator of myself. From the midst of darkness, I became my own source of light.” — Cristen Rodgers

This is the amazing story of Floyd Flonck ~

‘Kratom has been my blessing in a life that seemed to be a disaster. After 23 years of substance abuse, I had all but given up on life. I had fully accepted the fact that I was going to leave this world because I had nothing left to give and no fight left in me.’

‘My battle started way before the drugs and I felt they were my solution but they only brought me more pain. I had a life filled with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. For over the last decade, I had exhausted every resource I had and was alone for the first time in my life. I was a beaten man mentally, physically, and spiritually dead.

Homeless and running the streets, I knew death was right around the corner, but had no wish to try and stop it. I had come to terms with my life and situation, so I welcomed death so that the pain would finally stop.’

‘No longer would I be a burden on the ones I loved and the world I lived in. Constantly in and out of jails, hospitals and institutions ..I was done.’

‘At 36 years old, I had destroyed everything I ever loved or came in contact with. I was cursed and felt my death was the best option for all parties involved. I was 130lbs and hadn’t eaten or slept in weeks. I was begging death to take me, but there was a different plan.’

‘I remember that last day like it was yesterday, even though it was almost a year ago. Filled with paranoia and beyond delusional, I made the call that saved my life. I like to call that my moment of desperation, followed by a minute of clarity. In this moment I decided I was going to fight for my life one last time. This would be my last time in a hospital and an institution. Due to my mental capacity, an institution was the safest place for me to be.’

‘This is where my journey to freedom and recovery starts. I like to think of it as a perfect storm. If the next course of events didn’t happen the way they did, I don’t think I would have made it to freedom. My mother and step-father allowed me to come home. This is where the real work began that returned me to sanity, after decades of a life that was beyond unmanageable.’

‘After seven days of a cold turkey detox from heroin, methadone, flakka, and cocaine I was introduced to Kratom. Kratom was not a fix all, but it was the most helpful tool in this new found fight for life and recovery. I still had a very hard road ahead of me, but Kratom helped in so many ways.’

‘Kratom helped me to deal with the underlying issues that fueled my substance abuse for 23 years. The anxiety, depression and chronic pain were all bearable for me to deal with instead of running to substances. These substances I abused for so long never fixed anything. They just clouded my judgement and led to more pain.’

‘Kratom allowed me the clarity of mind so that the change of mind, body, and spirit could take place. The mental obsession and the craving for substances were gone. The anxiety and depression that left me confined to a self-made prison had finally subsided enough to where I could work on the real issues that had caused those feelings and emotions for so long.’

‘Kratom brought the chronic pain to a level where I could function and maintain a normal life. Nothing else had ever worked and if it did, it was short lived. Methadone, suboxen, and other prescription pain pills always led me to that same dark place filled with the mental obsession, physical craving, and life that was beyond unmanageable.’

‘I am no longer a burden on the system, nor my family, and we live a life I never knew imagined. I belong to an amazing community that I consider to be family. Our Kratom Community is filled with members who have experienced the same issues as me and we help others to obtain the same freedom we have experienced.’

‘Thank you to anyone that took the time to read this post. To those who are still sick and suffering I hope the freedom and recovery I have experienced finds you in time. The Kratom Community and myself are here to freely share the blessings that were given to us. We cary a mission of love, compassion and understanding.’

‘We are here to love you until you learn to love yourself and in return love others!!!’ ~ Floyd Fonck

Floyd Fonck, before he found Kratom
Floyd Fonck with his son 😊 We love ya brother

7 thoughts on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Floyd Fonck ~

  1. This story sounds similar to my own, except much much harder. I was hooked on tramadol myself,a codeine dirivitive that is weak as an opiate, but moderate as an antidepressant. Myself, I battle scoliosis pain, which the docs would give me tramadol only, and not much of that, to deal with. I’d have liked to take almost anything else once I found out what tramadol truly is, but by then I was hooked. When I finally stopped the tram, not on my own will, I was faced with not only opiate withdrawal but antidepressant, SNRI, withdrawal. The meds the doctors tried to give me weren’t working, because I needed an opiate to deal with that plus an antidepressant to deal with that. My mom turned me onto kratom and I was finally able to break free. I’ve been on kratom only for my pain for the better part of a year, see my kratom story on this site if interested. Now when I hear about the FDA and ignorant people defaming kratom as a deadly and dangerous opioid, it should be banned everyone s should be in rehab, forced, if need be, I have to stand up. I’ll fight for kratom with my dying breath if I must. I want only for people to be able to take something for drug addiction and pain and depression that isn’t ruled over by anyone, because that control perpetuates a viscious cycle when you come up against the regulation wall and the doctor wall. Kratom can be bought by anyone, so long as they have the funds, and I and others intend to change even this. Addicts have a right to effective, non addictive pain relief, mitigation of opioid withdrawal symptoms, and depression relief, and they have that right to work at their own pace. I’ve neveer been to drug rehab, and will never go. I am not against it, not necessarily, but I am against the isolation, the institutional environment rehabs embody, with doctors who are jaded and seen and heard it all, where you are given your industry approved drugs when and how they decree. That is not how drug addiction or pain relief ought to operate.

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  2. I believe that the only reason kratom works for me is because of it’s unique effects.It is an opioid, but also an anti depressant, energy goost, and a lot more which I don’t understand. It levels out my brain and allows me to feel more or less normal. I don’t have withdrawal if I stop it, but the pain I deal with is pretty tough to ignore. I don’t really have depression, not usually, but if the pain gets bad enough it can trigger a depressive episode, so I take my usual 6g dose of kratom and they’re both gone. I’m not lucky enough to only need it once per day, my usual amount is 2 to 3, sometimes 4, doses per day. If I could just quit the nicotine habbit, something Ive attempted several times, always to fail, I’d be good again. I’ve looked around for an herbal substitute for nicotine, but if there is one, I haven’t found it, and I no longer have a doctor, nor intend to get one, so forennicline isn’t an option, and the only other medication I’ve heard of for nicotine addiction is something called citizine, I’m probably mangling that badly. I’m looking for an over the counter product, mmuch like kratom, but for nicotine. I’ll likely take it long term, if not lifelong, but ideally I’d like to take it until the withdrawal symptoms subside and then stop. The vaping habbit is an enormous money pit, requiring at the very least monthly trips to my local smoke shop, and usually at least bi-weakly and if my luck is very bad, weekly trips. For which I often have to dip into savings to manage, and I’m beyond tired of it. My family isn’t offering much support, but I’m not hear to complain. My family is one of those families who believe you can simply quit an addiction and simply weather the withdrawal. If some people can manage it, I cannot. My will to quit is reasonably strong, but my threshold for withdrawal symptoms is quite weak indeed, meaning it doesn’t take much suffering before I reach for it. Nicotine withdrawal doesn’t cause pain, but it causes a kind of persistent haze to cloud my mind, I’m always on the edge of getting very annoyed if not angry, and that’s hard to live with, and probably not easy for those around me to deal with. I’ve done what I can to warn people, but unless you feel it, it’s hard to explain it. Even my wife says just take more kratom it will level your mood off.

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    1. It’s not derived from an opioid plant. Nor, is it chemically made up the same, pharmacologically. Yes, it’s been called an atypical opioid but it’s a partial agonist so I will never refer to it as an opioid only because the hysteria is unbelievable and usually adds a negative connotation to it unfortunately. There are many things that attach to our receptors such as chocolate and we don’t have to call it an opioid. Caffeine attaches to our receptors also and we don’t call our coffee a drug or an opioid. I just think the opioid label is what gives Kratom such a bad reputation unfortunately..


  3. nods, makes sense. I try to avoid talking about kratom as an opioid of any kind, usually I stick to kratom attaches partially to your opioid receptors, I’ve tried saying “pain receptors” but people don’t understand what that is, so sometimes I have to get specific.

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