Misconception #20 If you take something for pain, you are an addict and you cannot get through life on your own. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

When did we get to be so cruel?? Years and years ago, I don’t remember others condemning a person for being sick.

It seems that now, if someone is in need of pain relief, AUTOMATICALLY ..every single spectacle starts thinking ..YUP! Narcotics! They immediately look down on the person, disregarding that here lies a suffering HUMAN BEING in front of THEM.

It almost feels as if we aren’t human anymore. Or it’s like our surroundings have gotten so incredibly desensitized like the phones and computers we are typing away on for countless hours a day.

Something came to mind tho..how twisted our society is regarding a person who may suffer from an accident DISABLED in CHRONIC PAIN PERMANENTLY. So many get treated like they have a dependency or addiction. REGARDLESS, of what we decide to take for PAIN, it is a DISGRACE that we are put in the same category as drug addicts. No disrespect to any person who has an addiction but try to put yourself in our shoes.

Can you imagine, you get in a horrific accident almost die recover but are debilitated and require medication or herbs to make your life bearable, but now you are being labeled a drug addict because you simply take herbs or medication!

This is not ok. It’s GOT TO STOP. Also, I don’t believe in stigma and shaming a person who does actually take pain pills to get ‘high’. Of course, it does make me mad because of the significant damage they have made for pain patients but I understand that they have underlying issues driving them, so I don’t hold it against them.

It’s not OK to categorize someone as weak or unable to cope because they take prescription medication or herbal supplements to help with them with their health conditions. We ARE coping and we ARE succeeding in life because we ARE taking care of OURSELVES.

Regarding Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa please do not condemn this plant unless you’ve actually tried it for yourself. That is something else that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. So many people including the FDA/DEA and media condemn Kratom when they haven’t even tried it. It’s WRONG and it’s complete slander on their part. LIES are being told when someone states Kratom causes hallucinations and a high when the person hasn’t even ever ingested it?!?! <<<HELLO>>>Do your research PLEASE… before you discourage yourself or someone else, who could desperately be saved by this wonderful herb. Respectfully and Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

3 thoughts on “Misconception #20 If you take something for pain, you are an addict and you cannot get through life on your own. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

  1. Going further, how would most people feel if we went up to them and said, you’re a drug addict because you take cough medicine, or tylenol, or any number of other drugs? You use an anaesthetic, you’re addicted to lidocaine? That’s just nonsense. What I think people have a hard time understanding is that pain can become so unrelenting you either take something for it or commit suicide, or other self distructive things. People who have experienced it know what it’s like, people who have not, cannot understand it. I’m not as diplomatic as kami is, I’d probably label someone who took pain pills to get high an addict, without bothering to figure them out first. Then again, for all I know, analgesia, pain relief, is being high, so who really knows. My mom is particularly bad about this, buying over the counter meds from the dollar store is fine, getting meds from a doctor is too, until the doctor cuts you off, then you get “there must’ve been a good reason for it.” This mountain express article really enfuriated me. Articles like this show up all the time and the people writing them have never taken the thing they’re writing about, they’re just recycling other people’s opinions, and those have probably never tried kratom themselves. It’s a viscious cycle, much like what we’re taking kratom to escape. My wife says kratom doesn’t work on her and I’m uncertain whether she has really given it enough of a chance, but she’s had it twice, and neither time worked, so I may have to resign myself to the fact she’s right. This bothers me though because she’s dependent on a doctor to provide her meds, and that doctor can stop for any number of reasons, or no reason at all, and then where would she be?

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  2. I’m beginning to seriously question the validity of much of my medical knowledge. Mellisa likely would not have been on opiates if she hadn’t had back sergery, but there isn’t much you can do about it now. Her pain docs have not made any noises about cutting her off, but they have begun making noises about surely you can take something over the counter, which makes me think they may try it. I may be able to get her to give kratom another chance, but i’d have to mix it into something so completely she couldn’t taste it, because she can’t stand the smell or taste of the powder. I’m uncertain whetehr she’s chemically sensitive to kratom, I don’t think so but it’s possible, I think most of her problem is being willing to give up 3 hydrocodone a day for something like 6 grams of kratom per dose, 2 to 3 times a day. I’m more than willing to help her take it, but I refuse to force it on her, she already gets annoyed enough if I mention kratom too much. Should she ever be cut off, she’d have to go through what I went through, no pain relief and possible withdrawal symptoms on top of the pain she deals with every day. I couldn’t hack it, she has much better pain tolerance than I do. She seems to have backed herself into a corner. She’s not addicted to the meds but she is dependent on them for pain relief, and the only way she can get them is by enduring a doctor every 3 months and going through other drug tests which she’s kind of vague about. Without our health insurance, she’d be forced to pay nearly 100$ for 120 10mg pills, and we simply don’t have the money. So either she’s going to have to take kratom, or live with the threat of getting cut off her meds with no warning. I’m walking a fine line hear, how to get her to agree to give it yet another chance without either badgering or bugging her into doing it?

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