What Will Happen If We Remain Silent. Speak Up. Use Your Voice.

Hi everyone.. As you can see I’m not going anywhere no matter how long Facebook wants to block me, no matter how many times people steal content and report me, I’m here to stay. I will keep writing. However, I hope you will follow or subscribe because it is getting harder and harder to spread my writings in certain places. By the way, I detest email so I hate to give you more 😂 but in this case I think it’s important. In case I’m completely muted elsewhere, you can still come to my site and read it safely HERE.

Now let’s talk about the current state of affairs in regard to Kratom, politically and medically. First off, I would like to address every single person who has attacked me in the last couple of days saying that I’m going around acting like I’m a doctor or gastroenterologist. The theme of my blog is clearing the misconception and dispelling the lies that surround this plant. I’m not going to stop writing. I am not spreading any kind of misinformation. Do I sound like I’m presenting myself in a professional manner? Yes. Well that makes sense because I do have nursing credentials, so yes when I read lab values, I DO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT because I have experience in this arena.

Am I a doctor? No. However, I AM a nurse …and I’m going to use it to my ADVANTAGE, but also back everything up with doctors quotes and FACTS. We need to have as many people as possible doing this, so we can circulate the TRUTH within the MEDIA and put it in people’s faces. BECAUSE… it needs to reach THE MAINSTREAM GENERAL PUBLIC. That is my belief and I’m not going to be scared into backing away from it. I don’t know why I’m being attacked continuously for my blog but oh well, I’m never backing down.

There are A LOT OF BULLIES IN THIS COMMUNITY. GUESS WHAT IM NOT AFRAID OF YOU. I didn’t come this far in life to be bullied into keeping my mouth shut because YOU want to hate and harass me ..or are plain inadequate and cannot write. That brings this to mind. Maybe you feel satisfied with stealing the content from my blog and my art photos that you didn’t lift a finger to create, but people know who created it. When they see it they will know it was created by ME and that you stole it.

Now let’s get back to Kratom within the medical and political arena. Never in the history of mankind has a pandemic like COVID19 occurred on a global level and microscopic scope as this. I believe to every negative there IS a positive. THEREFORE, look for the silver lining and the positive that comes our way in all of this. For example, people nowadays have a lot more time on their hands. How about we put that time to good use and produce positive results instead of fighting with each other or lying. Yes, I fight for this plant every single day but I don’t fight the people that are supposed to be on the same side as me. I either support them or keep my distance if we don’t seem to click personality-wise. People are more apt to listen these days. Take advantage of that and speak up about this plant. So many are suffering due to being cut off of their pain meds or abusing their medication along with deadly drugs.. due to the crisis we are going through. Along with depression and anxiety, times are tough as it is. Kratom is very beneficial for all of these things. Take this opportunity to reach out to your loved ones or friends over the phone or text, and educate them about the help they may receive from this herb.

Back to bullying and harassing others, why purposely cause another person pain? Because it WILL come back to you. Satan seems to be working overtime these days and he’s using lots of people as his vessel. If you’re like me, all about the ‘light’ then distance as much as you can. People are even bashing the AKA for ridiculous reasons. The American Kratom Association is trying to reach the FDA in hopes of meeting with them. They want to educate the FDA about Kratom and the science that backs up its beneficial use in hopes of keeping Kratom LEGAL. How is this a bad thing? It’s almost like we have moles and spies in this community. Haha Not funny.

So many misconceptions on the continuum. For example, here are gorgeous pictures of my Kratom plants! They’re really taking off!!! I live in sunny California, so I’m blessed to have a warmer climate. However, we have semi-cold winters where it gets in the upper 30s. Yes, that’s way too cold for these types of plants to thrive outside. But, if I bring them into a greenhouse during that time, they’ll be just fine. I hear people discourage others everyday from trying to grow and I’m here to change that. Even in Florida they say their plants can’t survive the winters with the hurricanes. So, I’m here to tell you that in my state (thankfully) we don’t have that sort of harsh element. Although, I do have a friend who has been growing a Kratom tree for years in her front yard and she lives on the gulf coast in Florida with no problems. This tree is at least 6 ft high!!! So, I sincerely think it has to do with whether or not these people do NOT have a green thumb. In other words, maybe it’s not so much the weather.. maybe they cannot grow successfully, due to a lack of skill or know how.

Please don’t be afraid of growing Kratom. What do you have to lose? Craig Strickland sells beautiful trees. Look him up on YouTube or Facebook. Be sure to look up my previous article regarding step-by-step instructions on how to grow and water your Kratom plants.

Back to political and western medicine, they fear this plant because it is helping so many people. Kratom is allowing Americans to have self autonomy and take care of themselves. People are relying more so on THEMSELVES instead of being at the mercy of a doctor. We have more freedom this way. Some people actually like going to the doctor. I’m not one of those people. I like to be self-sufficient, as much as I can. People also fear job security. They figure if not as many people are sick then there won’t be a demand for as many doctors or nurses. I’d rather be happy and healthy and seeing those around me happy and healthy then making money caring for someone who is suffering. If that means less money, I’d rather have less money and be healthy than having more money and be sick. When you’re sick you can’t enjoy life that much anyway.

Stop being afraid to speak up. If you’re hiding your Kratom consumption around your family, may I ask why? In some cases, I completely understand why that is and I think it’s a good thing if it means your mental and emotional well-being may be at stake. But, if it’s because you’re simply afraid of the unknown or what they will think of you, it’s only adding to the stigma that already exists. We need Kratom consumption to become normal.. like coffee consumption. It needs to become normalized, same as herbal supplements; such as St. John’s Wart or Kava. I would like to say marijuana but Kratom really doesn’t even compare because it doesn’t alter your mind like marijuana does. When will these lies and misconceptions stop surrounding this plant of ours?? ONLY when people stop being afraid and START SPEAKING UP ABOUT IT. We need to override the disinformation that’s out there and flood it out with the REAL TRUTH ABOUT KRATOM, MITRAGYNA SPECIOSA!!! Respectfully Yours, Kami Ann Davis


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My Kratom Babies

6 thoughts on “What Will Happen If We Remain Silent. Speak Up. Use Your Voice.

  1. I second this article. But who is having the nerve to take your articles and repost them as their own work? Who attacks you on facebook and twitter and other platforms? Who attacks the AKA for trying to keep a plant legal? I’ll take every single one of these people on, and I will do it in the open. You have a problem with kratom, you’ll deal with me.. You have a problem with the people who are trying simply to say that it worked for them and encourage but not force people to give it a try, you’ll deal wit hme. You have the nerve to steal someone else’s work as your own without at least acknowledging that you reposted it somewhere, you’l deal with Kami and me. I will hound you on facebook, I will hound you on email, I will call you myself should that become necessary. I will not confront you if you are simply skeptical about kratom or have been discouraged from trying it so you’re simply repeating what you’ve been told, I was that way myself at one time. But I will confront anyone who is trying to force another person into the circle of the medical system if they do not wish to be in it. Kami sounds like she is a medical professional because she is one. I’ve only known her for a short time, but she has never thrust her opinions onto others. She speaks her peace, and then leaves it up to the person to decide. You people are cowards for thinking you can hide behind a keyboard and not be found out.

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    1. It’s my artistic memes that I create. It’s not so much my articles. It’s the art that I create and my collages they crop my name out of it and post it. It’s on Facebook. From now on I’m watermarking them from top to bottom lol..


  2. This is the last straw. I’m coming after facebook and demanding they justify their actions. I may, probably will, be blocked, banned,or even deleted, but shrug. I’m no photo expert, but it should be obvious to anyone with vision if a photo has been altered, so it’s logical that you might not have created it. This dosn’t necessarily mean you stole it, but you could have used someone else’s work, which is alright so long as you give proper credit. Nothing elaborate, just a “photo and articles by Kami Ann Davis” will probably suffice. This is assuming you’re doing honest work. To post a photo and an article that you did not write and say you did is at the very least dishonest, if not outhright illegal. Reporting someone whom you have stolen from as having abusive content is downright criminal. To report someone as abusive because of some strange photos she has is not right either. If you disagree so strongly with that person’s photos, simply keep your distance from that person. It’s a free internet, for the moment anyway.


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