Misconception #19 Kratom Caused Liver Toxicity In This 62-year old woman. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

Before we get into the lies and falsehood being presented by the International Journal of Emergency Medicine, I want to point out THE FOLLOWING ~

NIDA, The National Institute on Drug Abuse has completely ABANDONED THE FDA’s death claims and criteria which states Kratom is dangerously addictive. Also, NIDA funded their OWN RESEARCH ON KRATOM and found it to be very successful in the treatment of chronic pain and a non-addictive replacement for opioid therapy.

This is a case study of a 62-year old woman who presented herself to the emergency room after over-exerting herself in the heat, while doing yard work. This is a perfect example of doctors and the media spinning the actual truth into their so-called version of truth that is a flat out LIE. It says that she experienced Kratom toxicity, when in fact …she did no such thing. Her liver tests are completely normal.

Only her BUN and white blood cell count were slightly elevated due to distress from vomiting with slight dehydration. On top of it, this woman is in her senior years over-exerting herself in the heat, having asthma with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is the beginning stage of emphysema!

Also, nausea and possible vomiting is a very common side effect of vitamins and minerals, if taken in excess. Why should our plant be any different. This side effect is what makes it so safe. Because you cannot ingest too much to overdose on it, you will simply throw it up; instead of morphine-like opioids …that doesn’t cause someone to vomit. Instead, they cause respiratory depression and DEATH. Not Kratom. Kratom causes vomiting. This is a GOOD THING, and is the SOLE REASON as to why you cannot find any death reports from Kratom alone.

This woman was completely irresponsible and showing to have bad sense, due to her actions. She was reckless and careless in the way she consumed this leaf and was a danger to herself, literally ..from not drinking any fluids while over exerting herself in the heat. Any other kind of substance that is actually morphine-like and she probably would of died or had to have her stomach pumped. But, not with our plant. This woman carelessly took two scoops with no measuring I might add. Can you do this sort of thing with morphine-like opioids? Of course not because you would probably overdose. The sad thing is Kratom is so safe that people think they can take whatever amount and that’s not a good rule of thumb to do with ANYTHING ~ until you know how it reacts to your chemistry and what your proper dose should be.

That’s how incredibly SAFE OUR PLANT IS. Even when someone is as careless as she was, the worst that happened was she became slightly dehydrated and threw up the plant matter in which she consumed. Now tell me what is wrong with that.

This is when the KCPA would come in handy because it would have proper labeling to protect us and our leaf. Respectfully Yours, Kami Ann Davis

Thank you Misty Brown for finding this case study!

International Journal of Emergency Medicine
Choose plants over pills

2 thoughts on “Misconception #19 Kratom Caused Liver Toxicity In This 62-year old woman. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

  1. This is why I won’t go to the doctor or hospital unless absolutely necessary, I would be obigated to tell them I take kratom when they won’t give me pain relief, and Id likely end up in some study about chronic drug addict taking a plant instead of meekly taking tylenol when I’m cut off my meds. I finally got mellisa to take one of my extract tablets and when her doctor found out, she gave her the old stay on the opioids bit, that plant is dangerous why is he taking it so on and so on.

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