Facebook is STILL blocking the PUBLIC from directly sharing content from this blog. They continue to tell me that my blog has abusive content.

The truth of the matter is that they don’t want the TRUTH SPOKEN ABOUT THIS PLANT. They don’t even want us MENTIONING the word KRATOM. There is NOTHING abusive about my blog. I have published dozens of success stories from Kratom Advocates and Consumers. I write about the lies that surround this plant and I’m sure some people don’t like that. Well, that’s just TOO DAMN BAD.

There are ways around it, but my point is that they are making it harder and HARDER to discuss the COLD HARD FACTS about this plant. Listen very carefully to what I have to SAY BECAUSE it’s YOUR HEALTH AND well-being AND YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE, that depends upon the uncertainty …on whether or not Kratom will remain legal in the United States; or the rest of the world for that matter.

So many good-hearted, intelligent people have been mislead, lied to, and deceived into thinking that Kratom is more addicting than the coffee you drink everyday. OR, they trick you into thinking it’s an opioid, a morphine-like opioid that is known to cause death and overdose. Kratom is not an opioid in which you have been led to think. It’s so sad because the FDA has created this opioid hysteria. They knew exactly what they were doing because they have tricked you into thinking that anything even remotely being related to an opioid.. or having effects, is a bad thing. Not true.

Excedrin has caffeine in it and is why.. it is good for mild migraines. It’s because the caffeine helps to constrict the blood vessels in your brain, thus helps relieve a bad headache. We don’t go around calling Excedrin an opioid do we. Of course not because that would be utterly ridiculous. Kratom works the same way as caffeine and it is also a partial agonist. Before you start assuming a partial agonist is some terrible drug, you need to check it. Because the caffeine you drink everyday is a partial agonist. The chocolate bar you ate last night has flavonoids that BIND TO OPIOID RECEPTORS IN YOUR BRAIN. Here is an excerpt from the scientific study below regarding dark chocolate and its properties/activities within the brain ~ ‘Flavonoids demonstrate both opioid receptor antagonist and agonist activity. Opioid receptors are a subset of key upstream receptors that induce cardiac protection from ischemia-reperfusion injury (12, 16, 23). Structure-activity relationships of flavonoids with opioid receptor ligands show binding activity in vitro (14), and flavonoids reduce morphine-induced opiate withdrawal (46, 32). Other groups have concluded that antinociception induced by flavonoids underlies the activation of the opioid system since this observed analgesic effect was reversed by naloxone (15). Collectively, such studies provide evidence for the interaction of flavonoids with opioid receptors. We propose that epicatechin has opioid receptor binding capacity and activates opioid receptor-mediated downstream signaling to modulate myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in vivo.’

By the way, epicatechin is the active flavonoid in dark chocolate. As you can see, it acts on YOUR OPIOID RECEPTORS. In other words, we desperately need to STOP THE STIGMA AND HYSTERIA THAT SURROUNDS THE WORD OPIOID. Because for one, we are being lied to …into thinking an opioid or opioid receptor related is this horrible thing. There are different types of opioids. Just like there are different types of alcoholic drinks or different types of herbs. Some herbs are stronger than others. Labels get us into trouble imo. You cannot lump all herbs, across the board into one classification or category. Same as alcohol. It would be incorrect to say hard alcohol, such as Jack Daniels has the same potency as a beer. We all know that it’s much stronger in potency. Therefore, you need a smaller amount. It’s also made in a different way and has completely different ingredients than beer does. Beer has hops and wheat in it. And well Jack Daniels has ALCOHOL in it (more so).

How about CBD versus marijuana. Open up your eyes and learn about the differences, because one day you may be in a fix and disabled or injured and in desperate times, wishing you had something safe yet effective for relieving your pain. By the way, CBD products don’t contain any THC. Therefore, CBD doesn’t produce ANY high. It’s not psychoactive, nor mind-altering.

If you are not pro-holistic alternatives, then please don’t knock Kratom for the millions of Americans who consume and benefit from it. If you are anti-Kratom learn about it by reading this blog and the scientific studies I’ve included below. If you don’t have any factual evidence or toxicology reports to back up your claims of blaming this beloved plant for deaths, addiction, and overdose then how can you even say it’s true? If Kratom were killing people and causing harmful addiction/withdrawals, and overdoses then there would be documentation of IT.

Don’t you think that’s a major red flag that Anti-Kratom folks and the FDA/DEA don’t have a shred of evidence to back all these lies up?? If it were true there would be documentation …and if there was proof with documentation of deaths and overdoses, you best believe they would be putting it in everyone’s face on every major tv station.


Respectfully Yours, Kami Ann Davis

Caffeine, A partial agonist same as Kratom

Dark chocolate receptors: epicatechin-induced cardiac protection is dependent on δ-opioid receptor stimulation

The definition of a partial agonist/The Encyclopedia of Brittanica

Abuse potential ~ 8 factor Kratom

The abuse potential of kratom according the 8 factors of the controlled substances act: implications for regulation and research

Mitragynine/Corynantheidine Pseudoindoxyls As Opioid Analgesics with Mu Agonism and Delta Antagonism, Which Do Not Recruit β-Arrestin-2

If Marilyn Monroe knew about Kratom, she’d probably be alive today. Or what about Elvis Presley. Kratom is helping millions to get clean and off of heroin and other deadly substances. So many lives could of been saved if it were not for the continuous lies being fed to innocent people. People who remain in the dark about this life-saving herb!!!


  1. This makes me think that the FDA is counting on people’s herd like behavior. They see an opinion somewhere that makes sense to them, latch onto it, and dismiss all else. Look no furtehr than political marketing to prove my point. Pro trump people twist and distort the facts in favor of trump, While the other side twists and distorts the facts in favor of whoever they want, dismissing any contrary opinion as either stupidity, arrogance, or at worst, they’re an active enemy of the other side. It’s much the same in drug discussions. There are those who insist that drugs are bad despite ample evidence saying otherwise. They leave a tiny pinhole for doctors, but anything done by any other way than through a doctor proves to such people that you’re an addict, or will become one. But the kratom community is different. WHile there are those who twist and distort the fact in favor of kratom, most of us simply attest to it’s usefulness. Conspiracy theorists exist within the kratom community as wel, claiming every single possible action is a conspiracy by either the federal government or big pharma. Politically I stand somewhere in the middle. I’m not neutral, but I’m not either one extreme side or the other. People who write articles against kratom or inferring that it’s addictive will usually cause at least an angry response, but will usually just worry me, because I’m worried someone somewhere will use that as a springboard to make kratom use difficult or outright impossible. SShould kratom ever be banned or scheduled, I know for a fact that I would end up back on synthetic opiates, and I am not alone. My condition hasn’t gone away, kratom just keeps it from bothering me. It is a medicine, like any other. But there are people out there that assume that anything plant based is at best unrefined drugs, deserving of oversight by a doctor or government, and at worst, an easy access for drug addicts and people who seek to get high, regardless of what that plant is.

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