Facebook Has Blocked My Kratom Blog ~

Don’t you think it’s odd that in the 21st century living in a so-called free country we get muted and blocked for speaking about a plant that is LEGAL?? OR we get shut down because we said the word KRATOM too many times??

I’m not going to be quiet about this plant!!! I will expose each and every platform and person who keeps muting me or shutting me down. Facebook you really should be ashamed of yourself. I have done NOTHING WRONG.

I have been writing about people’s success stories having to do with KRATOM. What is wrong with that? Personal experiences about suffering individuals and now we can’t even share them because you have blocked this blog!

We form groups to help advocate for this plant and you shut us down after years of work. All our work is destroyed because of you. Or one person reports another, so you mute them?? You call yourself a social platform yet you’re not really very social.

What is wrong with the word ‘Kratom’? WHY can’t we say this word? Isn’t that against our constitutional right to say we cannot express certain words? It’s a plant that’s legal in most states and it’s being consumed by over 15 million Americans. We have every RIGHT to talk about it.

The American Kratom Association even got shut down years ago, due to Facebook. This has got to stop. Otherwise, I say we all boycott this platform and try to connect somewhere else.

If you’re against Kratom and are reading this, you should consider this to be a red flag. Usually, if something is corrupt, they want to hide the truth about something and obviously this is what Facebook continues to do. They don’t want us spreading the truth about anything if it doesn’t make them money.

This is a blog that is purely educational and I have chosen to not make money from it by having people advertise here. I COULD make money with advertising etc but that’s not the reason why I’m doing this. My friend had a blog blocked, however; she told them she wasn’t going to pay for advertising anymore so they unblocked her. It all sounds a bit shady, doesn’t it.

Please, if you try to share something from my blog and it says it’s blocked etc, feel free to send them a report to express your feedback on this. Maybe it will help. I don’t know. As for me, I will keep writing, pasting, and copying as much as I can until this problem gets resolved. Sadly Yours, Kami Ann Davis

By the way, after PASTING this into my timeline on Facebook they put me in jail. Guilty much?

3 thoughts on “Facebook Has Blocked My Kratom Blog ~

  1. this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Why would facebook block a kratom blog? Kratom is a medicinal plant, but that’s beside the point. Do people who talk about where to get elicitly obtained opioids, crack, benzos, bath salts, etc etc get blocked or muted? I think not. We’re simply trying to use this plant to deal with chronic pain, opioid dependence, or anxiety. How the hell does that warrant anything whatsoever from facebook? And I know of two other platforms, three, that we can use if facebook is still a proboem. One is twitter which you already use. The other is a platform called GNU Social, and there’s a spinoff from that called, mastadon,I think. Neitehr one of those two are as widely used, but I’m pretty sure you won’t get banned at either of those.

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