Misconception #17 All Addiction Is Unhealthy. Any Kind Of Dependency Is Unhealthy. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

Since the BEGINNING OF TIME…. We as human beings have always Always ALWAYS depended on ‘things’. For example, we NEED food to survive. Therefore, we are literally DEPENDENT on our food supply.

When we were born, we relied on our mothers to feed us and were dependent on breast milk, in order to live a healthy life.. so we can function in a normal, healthy way.

Same thing as we grow into adults, our needs just change. Think about it. As we grow, our bodies require different kinds of foods, vitamins, and minerals. When we are babies, we need extra iron and the colostrum from our mothers, that formula cannot give. Therefore, we are dependent on that, in order to be given the best chance of survival as a growing individual in a crazy world.

As adults, if we are highly functioning adults with well minds, our goal is to become successful.. and to live in the healthiest way possible, so we can live as long as possible. BECAUSE, the God’s Honest Truth is that none of us want to die. Not most of us anyway. We want to live as long as possible. Therefore, we try to establish the healthiest of habits and routine.

For example, we grow into adulthood and acquire jobs and a goal to succeed. Along with that comes responsibility. Along with that comes the normal day-to-day needs of what we put inside our bodies. That means we want to choose healthy foods and liquids. Our routine is important because whatever choice we make, will produce a consequence, good or bad.

Choose synthetic prescription drugs and accept the possibility of experiencing side effects, listed in your provided paperwork. Choose a plant-based herbal supplement that has science backing it up, stating a lower risk for any kind of negative side effect or death.. and you will probably get a promising result, as everyone else is experiencing.

As we get older we are dependent on sustenance, in which provides us with energy and strength. We depend on food and drink to help keep our nourishment strong. We depend on coffee and tea, to help us with adult fatigue and ailments we may acquire, as we age. But, to condemn something that is healthy, should be a literal crime against humanity. Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and morphine rightfully so deserve to be condemned because so many people die from overdoses. Therefore, I can see why these drugs need to be controlled. However, I believe in free choice but that is another story, some other time.

I sincerely try to keep the mindset that I can become addicted to healthy ‘things’. For one, because it’s true. And second, it helps us to replace our negative or unhealthy behaviors and habits with positive ones. Just like a coffee habit someone can have a bad drinking habit. Instead of reaching for a beer in the morning reach for a cup of coffee. Instead of reaching for a pill, reach for a healthy cup of tea.

Certain substances can have a tighter grip on one’s psyche and this is when someone might need counseling to help them with quitting something. Help with the underlying issues they may have that is driving them to drink or abuse something.

There is an incredible amount of stigma surrounding the word addiction. Addiction is a dirty word and I want to change that. With the above facts, I think we can do this. We are imperfect therefore we may choose toxic behaviors and habits over healthy ones. However, same as you can acquire a toxic habit and addiction, you can achieve or acquire a healthy habit such as Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa ~ if you are actually in need for its particular uses and benefits.

If you’re struggling with a cocaine, meth, heroin or morphine dependency or addiction, you might benefit from Kratom. If you suffer chronic pain, Kratom can help with that also. If you suffer chronic fatigue and want to boost your weight-loss program and energy, this tea can help. It is helpful for mental clarity, if you have ADHD and memory problems like I do.

However, this bares repeating ~ I do not condone the abuse of ANYTHING. I do not approve of people using ANYTHING to the point of self-harm in order to numb, self-medicate, or fill an emotional-mental void. I believe Kratom can help if you are using in conjunction to therapy or if you have already gotten therapy and have chronic generalized anxiety, PTSD, or depression; in my experience, within my previous nursing practice, within the mental healthcare field.

So, please tell me why this beautiful herbal tea that’s been around for centuries, helping people..be continuously condemned, as a bad habit or something that is a ‘bad’ addiction? We don’t discuss coffee in this way. We don’t point out that coffee is bad because it’s addictive. We don’t do this because coffee does not harm anyone. Same with Kratom. Kratom doesn’t harm anyone. Therefore, it being addictive the same as coffee and other kinds of tea should not matter in the slightest, EITHER.

If Kratom is harmful as it’s painted to be, Kratom Tea Addicts would be in disarray. DRUG ADDICTS are dysfunctional. Kratom Addicts ARE HEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL HUMAN BEINGS. Our lives are not being destroyed by the Kratom in which we consume and no one is dying. Cocaine, Heroin, and Morphine = Death and Chaos. KRATOM = LIFE, HEALTH, and PROMISE



Cocaine, Heroin, and Morphine = Death and Chaos

I AM A TEA ADDICT #keepkratomlegal

Misconceptions of Addiction, Created June 2020 by Kami Ann Davis

5 thoughts on “Misconception #17 All Addiction Is Unhealthy. Any Kind Of Dependency Is Unhealthy. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

  1. Because people who have not had an addiction, who have not struggled every second, minute, hour, day, week, etc etc do not understand the tole an established addiction takes on your body and mind. You literally get to the point where you cannot function anywhere near normal without taht pill, smoke, gum, whatever. YOu ahve to want to get off and stay off or kratom as good as it is might not work. Synthetic opiates can be taken without becoming addicted but it’s a crap shoot. You might be able to manage it, you might not. To be condemned as lesser for not being able to is what we as addicts struggle with every day. We feel bad for becoming addicted but then we are excoriated and castigated for not realizing what has gone wrong and not fixing it. Problem is, you cannot fix an addiction. It takes such control of you that you become a slave to it, not the other way around. my wife seems addiction resistant. She’s been on hydros for decades and she never, not once, exceeds the dose, runs out, or takes mroe than she is prescribed each and every single month. In fact, her usual dose is half of what she’s allowed. I wasn’t strong enough to do that and I’m reminded of this by my family each and every time I reach for kratom. They think I should be able to quit my habbits, suffer withdrawal, and somehow bury the symptoms beneath a venere of normalcy. Porbem is, when you’re in withdrawal, there is no normalcy. You want to die, sometimes literally. YOu want to strngle people. You want to go crawl into a hole and cry over nothing. YOu can’t control these viceral feelings, they just come over you. But people who have never seriously been addicted cannot understand that. Enough said, rant over.

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    1. I feel for you Kendell!!! I totally understand. This is why I’m trying to change the stigma that surrounds ‘addiction’ in this country and everywhere for that matter. It blows my mind how ignorant we all are as a whole when it comes to human habits, routines, and behaviors. People don’t realize that we all are dependent on various things even each other. It’s not a bad thing. Addiction needs to be viewed in an entirely different light, imo. I wholeheartedly believe that there are healthy addictions just as there are toxic addictions. Every behavior is learned therefore can be replaced. The key to eliminating a toxic addiction is replacing it with a nontoxic one. I view addictions as the same as habits. We all have good and bad habits. That’s life. The good news is that we can all establish new habits and new behaviors 💚


  2. As a matter of fact, my mom has now hit a new low. When I was in the smoke shop today buying eJuice, I found out that she tried to come in and force teh owner to refuse to sell to me, under the logic that unless I suffered I’d never quit. I can’t describe how that gets to me. It feels as if she’s treating me as if I’m a five year old who has to be lead and tod what to do. I try not to get on my high horse much, but that sounds like the kind of thing you’d do if someone was hooked on something dangerous like a benzo or heroin, and routinely overdoses and gets meds off the street. Then I could, maybe, imagine doing something like that, but I take kratom, damn it. I take nicotine only because I haven’t found a way to quit yet, but forcing me to quit and suffer the withdrawals would make me and everyone around me miserable, and I’m smart enough to know it. My mom seems to think that withdrawal is all in a person’s head, that the should be able to will the symptoms away, and, failing that, simply ignore them for the interest of everyone else. I can’t describe jsut how wrong that is.

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    1. I’m so incredibly sorry for what you go through. That’s not ok! Does she drink coffee everyday? If so, you could tell her that she has a coffee habit and is probably addicted to it. It’s the same thing. Or possibly show her this blog to help educate her. I am going to be writing more articles about dependency and addiction.


  3. I’m tempted to give you her phone number but that sounds like the easy way out. She doesn’t drink coffee, but does drink a ton of cokes. Her reason for it being something to the effect of, cokes aren’t eddicting and even if they are they aren’t drugs, what you’re hooked on is a drug, herbal or not. I’ve given her your blog, but whetehr she reads it or not is up to her. It’s not so much the “you’re addicted” comments, I can usually tune those out or have them bounce off of me, it’s the “kratom is just another drug, why don’t you go to rehab, and refuse any drugs to get off the pain killers, or if you do accept drugs make sure you don’t get addicted to those” comments that set me off. Salt in the wound is that her husband is a heavy smoker, and vaper, and I don’t hold it against him. Everyone has their vices. Mom does, but has given up on asking him to quit. I’m rationalizing my own nicotine dependence, it’s an easy habbit to get into.

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