We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Scotty Warren.

It’s unbelievable, the amount of trauma some people endure. Scotty Warren is a warrior and hero in my eyes. He’s been through so much tragedy, yet remains strong, kind, generous, and loving.

Never giving up, Scotty Warren has been through more injury, then most people I know. Here is his amazing story.

My Testimony: Thank you for reading it…

‘Hello my friends. My name is Scotty Warren. I am 39 years out, and here is my testimony. First off, I want to thank Michael Whilden and CC Cannon. You guys are truly inspirational and extremely wonderful human beings, with even more beautiful souls. I am so thankful to have you in my life.’

‘I was adopted by two wonderful people, that I had the honour of calling Mom and Dad. They were my mom and dad. Since the age of five, I have had a lot of stuff happen to me that has caused me tremendous chronic pain …throughout my entire life. When I was five I got ran over by a car and it broke three ribs on my right side, and cracked four on my left. One of the rib bones that got broke actually punctured my right lung and it gave me scoliosis. I was laid up for over a month. The Intensive Care Unit at UT hospital (the old one).. I was the second child that got airlifted by UT Lifestar. Since then ..throughout my young adult life, I have had six surgeries none on my back though. I had my right, impacted by a firecracker going off in it and a direct hit on my eyeball, from a Roman Candle. ~ To which I still get migraines to this day. I have been in two car wrecks, which further injured my back.’

‘When I turned 19, it’s when things got really bad ..in the pain Department I was diagnosed with severe degenerative disc disease, as well as severe scoliosis… and from then on, I have 3 herniated discs. I have severe stenosis and one of the discs that is herniated is what the neurologist call pancaked. Also, I have irreparable nerve damage. As a result (from all this) as you might have guessed, ever since that ..I was five years old up until now, I have been on opioid pain medication, all legally prescribed.’

‘I have never had a drug problem with the pain medicine, however; I am depending on it. I can go into further detail, if anybody would care to know.’

‘One day, I came across a product called Kratom. But, it wasn’t until my friend CC introduced me to the real deal Kratom. Up to this point, I was just taking gas station Kratom and that has really changed my life. I still have to take my prescribed pain medication but no words nier dependent as I once was for all those years. Understand when I say I have taken opioid pain medication, I have legally had just about everything under the sun prescribed to me at one point in time. So, I’ve been up and down, what they call the opiate ladder. I can never thank these people (Michael and CC) enough. Not only for their open ear and generosity, no one else on this planet would give two craps about. But, more importantly ..their love for Kratom has really changed my life for the better. I have two wonderful friends because of the pain that I’ve endured, to bring me to them. So, in a sense I’m thankful for the pain because I got two wonderful friends from it.’

‘I have been everything from homeless to where I’m at now, which is by no means perfect, but it’s better than homeless. I am not a good narrator, however; all I can say is if it wasn’t for them I would have to be taking such huge heavy doses of opioids. I am a very open transparent person and you’ve made it this far reading this book, that I have written. I just want to thank you for taking a few minutes of your time from your day to do so ..thank you.’ ~ Scotty Warren

Support the American Kratom Association @ http://www.americankratomassociation.org
Scotty Warren discovered Kratom and has been advocating ever since. Thank you for your continuous support within the Kratom Community.

2 thoughts on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Scotty Warren.

  1. I’ll second this. Kratom not only relieves pain and depression, but gives you energy. How significant that is to you is individual, but for most, it allows you to get free of opioids, or to take it instead of an opioid if you want to or if you lose access to yours. It relieves my pain better than anything else I have ever tried, and I can buy so much of it that I can be stocked up for a couple of months, or 10

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