Misconceptions Of Addiction ~ Kratom Is Addicting, Therefore… Harmful. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

I’m getting very sick of people using the whole ‘Well, it’s addicting’ to try and target Kratom as a negative thing.

Guess what.. EVERYTHING on the planet has the potential to be addicting. Open your eyes and wake up. Sex is a BIG UGLY ADDICTION THAT IS PREVALENT, running RAPID …in every single part of this country. If anyone disagrees with me, it’s because they’re either in denial, or living under a rock.

What about gambling? People lose their homes and entire families, due to gambling addictions. What is it with Kratom.. that people are so against?? Has the FDA really gotten into your minds <<<THIS MUCH>>> where you can’t even think for yourself?? Are people really this conditioned, that robotically they follow every word they are told??

Why don’t people try for themselves, instead of listening to the media? For example, don’t take my word for it. Why don’t you try and prove me wrong? Because I guarantee ..that if you DO try this plant, you won’t be able to say anything bad about it.

There are all sorts of addictions. There is not one thing wrong with having a coffee habit, is there? No, of course not. Therefore, there is NOTHING WRONG with having a Kratom habit. People say, ‘Well, you don’t have bad withdrawals from caffeine’. Wrong. Yes you do. The more coffee or caffeine you consume, the heavier withdrawal. Same with Kratom. Not for all, but for some.

Remember, it’s not the substance. It’s the behavior. Poor choices, result in poor consequences. This plant is so safe that even if a person does over-take it, the worst thing to happen is nausea and vomiting. We are not saying that Kratom cannot cause overdose. You can overdose on water. In fact, when I worked at Napa State Hospital, I had patients who had severe polydypsia. However, so far there are no deaths or overdoses recorded from Kratom alone.

Stop condemning this beloved plant because you may have negative feelings towards it. Because when we do this, we usually are inaccurate about the situation. For, we are projecting a negative feeling towards it. Stop basing your judgements off of emotion. Why don’t you look at the facts and statistics.

Because we have the truth on our side, rather then your emotionally based lies.

3 thoughts on “Misconceptions Of Addiction ~ Kratom Is Addicting, Therefore… Harmful. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

  1. Unfortunately, most people are exactly what you describe, robotic. Well, I heard that it was addicting, so you should probably try something else. People rationalize away their own addictions, while condemning other people’s. I only smoke because I’m stressed, I only do meth because I have ADHD, etc etc. They’re used to listening to the government and trusting that they know what they’re doing. So when you try to change that, they fight back. Only the science behind kratom, the clinical trials, and the testimony of every single kratom consumer will even have a chance at changing that. The FDA wants to control kratom for two reasons. They can’t control it, they can’t restrict access to it because the science is on our side, and they can’t get the people to avoid it because for every single one who avoids it, two or three are trying it. They hate that. the people who lead the FDA and DEA are doctors, so they are used to getting their own way. They’re used to people listening to them and so it drives them mad when they’re unable to get their own addiction fed.

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  2. one interesting thought is that people on opioids dont’ seem to know about or care much if you walk up to them and say your med is addictive, try aleve. I don’t know whether this means they’ve become dependent, or their pain is so severe taht they’re willing to risk it just to get relief, some of both I expect. I am not saying everyone on opioids is or ever will become addicted, I’d never start that firestorm, but once your pain is bad enough, you will literally do anything, sell anything, trade anything just to end it. I’m not exagerating nor am I seeking attention. I lived through a tramadol dependence myself, and I only got out because my mom had the sense to tell me about kratom, and I only agreed to switch to it when my research confirmed mu opioid binding, partial or full. I knew enough about opioids at this point that I could tell drugs that would help, other opioids, hydrocodone, tramadol, etc from ones that wouldn’t, anti inflamatories, antidepressants, anticonvulsants like gabapentin and lyrica. I was full on dependent on tramadol at this point, so I’m glad I switched, or I might not be alive today. See my story on this website if interested, but my point is that I had a near death experience with tramadol once, and it, along with my mounting financial problems was just barely enough to convince me to try it. Compared to most of the kratom stories I’ve seen, my own dependence was a walk in the pardk, as some not so wonderful people have pointed out on kratom science’s various comment pages, but to me, it felt like midnight in hell.

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