We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Heidi Medel.

Heidi Medel, WARRIOR GODDESS from above ~ These words written by her are life-changing. Her words will live in your heart forever. I am SO grateful to have met this graceful, loving, fallen angel from above. Thank you for allowing me to share something so personal and touching ..something so incredibly soul-crushing, with all the world to see. May tears fall for you, from grace.. only to surround you in a circle of friendship to infinity. ~ Luv Kami Davis

To the person who is against Kratom and reading this, ask yourself the following. HOW …is it that a person who has suffered as great as she, has gotten healthier in life, after taking Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa ~ if it’s this harmful substance that the FDA paints it out to be? You cannot dismiss this person’s tragedy and pain. You cannot dismiss the fact that Kratom helped something horrific change to something phenomenal. ~ Kami Davis

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” — Maya Angelou

“Life tried to crush her, but only succeeded in creating a diamond.” — John Mark Green

“And when all that was left was ashes, she would again clothe herself in flame. Rising from the dust of her past to rekindle the spark of her future. She was a Phoenix, her own salvation; rebirthed, renewed, resurrected.” — LaRhonda Toreson

How many times do you rise after you’ve come crashing down? Every single time. ~ Respectfully and Sincerely Forever Yours, Kami Ann Davis

This is an incredible true story that will break your heart and make you cry. It is soul-crushing in more ways than one and will sink deep into the apex of your soul and heart. It has a happy ending tho. This is the most beautiful…remarkable and incredible Heidi Medel ~ Luv u Kam

But, first …..This Beautiful Quote “I’ve died a thousand deaths, each time reinventing myself brighter, stronger, and purer than before. From the midst of destruction, I became the creator of myself. From the midst of darkness, I became my own source of light.” — Cristen Rodgers

Heidi Medel ~ 🕊

‘When I was 2 years old I was hospitalized twice for pneumonia. I remember like it was yesterday… standing in those tents, in a diaper screaming for my mom. I was never the same after the 2nd time. I will never know if it was pneumonia treatment or the vaccines they gave me, which caused so much chronic pain. But my body has hurt everywhere since that 2nd time.’
‘In the meantime I had horrible ear infections and was given a series of Ciprofloxacin ear drops. My body hurt more every day. Fast forward to 8 years old when I tried to do a back flip on my bicycle with one hand (because my other hand was carrying stuff from my desk because it was the last day of school) …I landed wrong and hit my back so hard on a rock that I had to crawl home. My mother didn’t care. She used to beat me with a sanded down 2×4 that her brother made called the “spankin stick”. When I was 10 years old she broke it in half over my lower back and broke my coxis almost off my spine and beat my SI joints to almost dust. I was in abusive relationships as a trafficked child and then as an adult.’

‘I had a lot of cptsd/depression/anxiety/and d.i.d. and ran the SSRI/SNRI gamut for 28 years. Every one of them made my life worse. Then there was the mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics. I got severe akathisia and aphasia which look a lot like dementia on the surface. My ex broke the rest of my spine from top to bottom trying to kill me in 2008. Around the same time, I had a UTI and was given Ciprofloxacin in pill form. Two doses of that floxed me (devastated my DNA/mitochondria). I moved to a different state to get away from him and was given Lyrica for “Fibromyalgia” (it was really because I was floxed from Ciprofloxacin) and within 5 weeks of Lyrica I had liver/kidney/pancreas/thyroid failure and was straight up suicidal and homicidal. Then on top of that I was given Adderall and Vyvanse to “see if I had ADHD” by psychiatrists who obviously didn’t know what “severe” ptsd (cptsd) were and almost went on a killing spree. Not even joking.’
‘Then I lost my dad to 2 stage 4 glioblastoma multi-form brain tumors in 2011. Three months later, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Thyroid Cancer. This was when I totally dropped ALLLLLL allopathic medicine from my life. I was still bed ridden for 3 years, but not getting worse. While on my down time, I began my holistic healing journey and discovered Kratom. At that point I was demanding my therapist commit me because I couldn’t take anymore pain on any level. The day I was scheduled to find any way I could …to get her to commit me, was the day I tried Kratom. She didn’t even recognize me in the lobby. She’d been seeing me for over 2 years and that day was the very first day she’d ever seen me smile, stand up straight, and participate in conversations with people in the lobby. Coincidentally, she’d gotten a “warning” email from her boss about the health “problems” with kratom that very day and stood there observing me and did for months afterwards.. before she messaged her boss and told them the claims were dead wrong. Her, (my gp/Neurologist/Internal Specialist/Neurosurgeon) are all kratom advocates now.’

‘I would literally be dead right now if it wasn’t for Kratom. I’ve become an Herbalist and a Holistic Nutritionist since then and I’ll NEVER go back to being at their mercy.’

‘I’m a mama of 5 beautiful adult kids and 2 gorgeous grandbabies and the 3rd is due August 15th.’

‘I owe my life to botanicals but mostly to my dad, because witnessing hospice killing him faster than the worst case scenario, cancer could.. was an epitome of a life/spirit changing event that I will never forget.’ ~ Heidi Medel

Heidi Medel a.k.a. Warrior Goddess.

2 thoughts on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Heidi Medel.

  1. We need more herbalists and halistic medicine specialists in general, but in the kratom community specifically. Just telling someone about kratom could save a life. At minimum, it will get them wondering about it, which was all it took for me. I can take powder and not hurt? I can buy it whenever I need to with no bs? I’m sold! Mind you I did relapse, but not because the kratom was ieffective, but because I didn’t want to take multiple capsules or choke down grams of powder. But I take extract tablets and capsules now, and could not be happier I take it. There should be an herbalist and herbal store in every single, count, town and city in this country, given the same respect and awe that doctors are given. People should be tought not only about kratom, but other herbs, including canibis, cava, valerian and much more I don’t know about. There is probably an herbal option to every major class of medications, if I only knew them all.

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