Misconception #16 Kratom Is Harmfully Addictive, More So Than Caffeine, Chocolate, Cigarettes, Or Sugar. FACT CHECK: FALSE

I believe that addictions are the same as habits. Therefore, I wholeheartedly believe that we can turn a toxic habit into a healthy one. As a psych nurse I studied extensively, behavioral modification. Something that stuck with me is that every single behavior is LEARNED. Also, that we cannot ever really eliminate ‘bad behaviors’. We can replace them with good ones, though. 

Same thing with an addiction or habit, in my opinion. If we are drinking too much alcohol, we might try to drink something else in place of it. Something healthy. A healthy distraction is key. I believe Kratom to be a healthy coffee or tea habit. Yes, it has some risk for addiction, however; it is low-risk. Therefore, I believe it to be a positive side-effect, as opposed to deadly consequences of cigarettes and alcohol or morphine-like substances.

I want people to know and come to understand that by no means does an addiction define us. Unfortunately, in today’s society there is a ridiculous amount of stigma that surrounds someone who may of had an addiction to opioids. But what is sad is that 9 X out of 10 they didn’t even know or understand what opioids would do to their body. They innocently went into the doctor because they were suffering in pain and were given meds. Yes, it is our responsibility to know what we are getting into ..but it’s not fair and simply CRUEL to categorize a person as a drug addict simply because they take a pain medication that happens to be highly addictive.

Do most ppl even have a choice or another option? NO ~ of course not.. because that would mean that Big Pharma looses out on $$$. How about letting people have free choice with what they want to put inside their bodies.

This is why Kratom must remain legal. Because first of all, synthetic opioids do carry a higher risk for addiction and side effects. Second, they are denying all of America anyway …not even replacing their pain medication with anything. Nothing that is effective anyway.

Unfortunately, many doctors (not all) but the majority do not support holistic medication. I’m a nurse and I’ve only seen these two worlds separate …and at odds. My hope is to see western medicine (at least) support the natural side of things. Let people take care of themselves responsibly, with holistic alternatives such as Kratom, CBD, and Marijuana. Wishing Love to every single one who is reading this. ~ Kami Davis

Dr. Jack Henningfield’s 8-Factor Analysis


The abuse potential of kratom according the 8 factors of the controlled substances act: implications for regulation and research


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Misconceptions Of Addiction, Created June 2020 by Kami Ann Davis

2 thoughts on “Misconception #16 Kratom Is Harmfully Addictive, More So Than Caffeine, Chocolate, Cigarettes, Or Sugar. FACT CHECK: FALSE

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you found Kratom. It too allowed me to quit risky medications such as morphine. I used to have to fight the side effects of being drowsy but with Kratom it helps to relieve my brain fog and gives me mental clarity and improved focus.


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