We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Kendell Clark.

It is an honor to publish your story Kendell Clark. Thank you for advocating and wanting to make a difference in the war on Kratom. Your honesty and bravery shows the TRUTH rather than the lie, which surrounds Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa.

This man shows us proof of how disgraceful our rehabs and recovery centers really ARE. Pay very close attention all the way through this story, especially the ending where he talks about the response he gets after telling his doctor about consuming Kratom.

The doctor was so against Kratom and said ‘The FDA says Kratom has no beneficial use.’ So, you must not even be in any pain if you say Kratom works’ or ‘Why don’t you try methadone instead’. So you see, (most) if not all, of our doctors are against this plant ~ all because of our CORRUPT FDA. ~ Luv Kam

This is the amazing story of Mr. Kendell Clark ~

‘My name is Kendell Clark, I’m from Grand Saline, Texas and I suffer from scoliosis, although I’m not sure to what degree my spine is curved. After falling off a hammock, yes I know it’s stupid, it seems to have either activated or exaserbated it. First thing to do was as always, take Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc. When those failed, I was given 500mg naproxen, which is basically 2 OTC Alieve tablets. Once and only once that had failed and I did a bit of cajoling, I was prescribed, tramadol, 2x50mg tablets a day. 1 each. My addiction developed slowly, but gradually. At first, two 50mg tablets were enough. Then it progressed to 2 at a time, then three at a time, then 4, and as you can guess the supply ran out and the pharmacy wouldn’t, or couldn’t refill. So back to the doc I went. Why are you out, aren’t you following the directions? Well, not exactly, you see the pain is too strong. Well that doesn’t matter, I’m your doctor and I say how much you can take. I’l bump you up to 3 tablets a day, this once, then I expect you to go back down. That didn’t work out either. Eventually, my doctor started fobbing me off on other doctors, pain management, and pt, and when those docs failed to provide any relief, most of them wouldn’t even prescribe opioids, but wanted me to try injections, although injections of what, I’m not sure. I refused. I went around and around and around in the doctor-circle awhile, getting less and less help out of her. Eventually, she cut me off altogether. Me, out of desperation, began the wonderful saga of internet based pharmacies, which would sell my drug I got hooked on, at a premium, out of the country and shipped in. That first time, I took my last tramadol the minute I called and ordered, paying $257 for 180 50mg pills. It took almost a month to arrive, and as expected I went through it in 2 to 3 weeks. That’s when I experienced the worst withdrawal symptoms I’ve ever gone through. Tramadol is an opioid, but not just that, it is also an antidepressant, specifically an SNRI (serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor) so withdrawal from it was not only a pain med withdrawal, which was bad enough, but an antidepressant withdrawal, which was worse. Both at the same time. I was completely unable to sleep for weeks at a time. I got so tired, I’d have happily jumped off a cliff to end the suffering. I never attempted it, but I sure did think about it. The pain returned, worse than ever, and was unrelenting. The only relief I ever got was borrowing one of my wife’s hydrocodone, which I tried to do as little as I could. She almost got cut off herself because of it, but by then I’d been ordering them over the internet so I didn’t need them anymore. I never progressed to hydrocodone full time, but I got into serious financial debt overdrafting my bank account each and every month to afford those expensive pills, which gradually went up in price. My mom turned me onto kratom about a year ago, and it worked wonderfully. The only problem I had with it was that the smoke shop only sold bottles of 120 capsules each, for around $30. With the amount I had to take to get pain relief, I believe it was 4 to 6 capsules, that didn’t go far. So I ran out, and was right back in withdrawal again, although thankfully it was just opioid withdrawal, none of the psychosis issues I suffered with the tramadol, just pain. So I relapsed. About six months later I started ordering tramadol over the internet again, continuing the slide into debt. I never ran into law troubles, or had any serious financial problems, but only because I was lucky. The pharmacy I was ordering from took steps to hide itself, so no one could pin it or me down. I wobbled back and forth for a couple of months, kratom, tram, kratom. My doctor took away the tramadol and tried to prescribe amitriptyline, 50mg, once a day, for the depression, tizanidine, 4mg once or twice as needed, to try and handle the sleep and withdrawal symptoms, and meloxicam, an anti-inflammatory, for the pain she wasn’t convinced I actually had. All of those medications worked only, and if only, I had tramadol or another opioid to add to that; otherwise they failed to do anything. I’ve been to the local hospital a couple of times, trying to get scrips. Usually, I failed and got treated like a drug addict. Although, when I did get them they were small and non refillable. I’ve been given torodol, an anti-inflammatory that is supposed to be for addicted individuals to kill the pain. It did work, a little, but only after a few hours… after I was given it, and it never lasted long. So, after the 200mg pills I was ordering over the internet, took over $400 out of my bank account on payday, and they landed me in the hospital with a convulsion, did I finally stop. This was December of 2019. I chose, of my own volition, to stop the tramadol and all other medications, and switch to kratom…Once I could find larger bottles and bags of it so I wouldn’t run out. I’ve never looked back since. It isn’t as expensive as the tramadol was. Although, it is still somewhat expensive, but it works better for the pain than any of the opioids I’ve ever taken.. ~ Including tapentadol, a sort of adult version of tramadol that has effects similar to oxycodone. It doesn’t simply help relieve my pain, it eliminates it. I am not a kratom addict. I can, although I don’t usually, go without it, with zero withdrawal symptoms. I’ve begun advocating for kratom after hearing all the bs spread around in the news about it, which my mom listens to and recites from whenever she has a spair moment. I’m fortunate to live here in Texas, where kratom is I believe, completely legal. But, the most important thing about kratom, in my opinion, is that it kills my pain completely, eliminates my depression, helps me sleep, and keeps withdrawal at bay. I’m fortunate to have taken it. I don’t believe I would’ve been alive now if I hadn’t. I’ve never been to drug rehab, and I have a lot of personal baggage against trying it. Please don’t get me started, I’ll only say something that will irritate someone, so I decided to do my own rehab. A month or so ago, I finally went and saw that doctor who cut me off and told her I was on kratom. Her response was unkind. “Well then, you must not have significant pain, because the FDA says kratom doesn’t work. Have you tried suboxone, or methadone, or failing that, a faith based rehab group?” Was her reply. I simply walked out of there, and a week or two later, I got an official letter dismissing me as a patient, sighting noncompliance. Best thing she possibly could have done. I love that kratom is available easily without prescription, and has helped me finally fight my way free of a substance I really thought I’d be addicted to for life. I want to advocate for kratom my own self, after seeing and hearing what it does for people, because if it were ever to be banned or even regulated, I’d likely end up back on the pills again. My scoliosis has not gone away, only the kratom keeps it from impacting my life.’
Kendell Clark

Kendell Clark discovered Kratom in 2019. He has been healthy and thriving ever since. Thank you for your continuous support in the Kratom Community.

5 thoughts on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Kendell Clark.

  1. I admire the stories told on here. Kendell is an inspiration.

    I would like to add my story to this blog. Please let me know how to do so.

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    1. Hi there! I’m happy to hear that you’d like to add your story. Please email me your story and a picture of yourself to kami34663@gmail.com. If you’re not comfortable with a photo that is alright too. Please let me know here on this thread, once you have submitted it so I can respond in a timely manner. Thank you!!! I look forward to reading your testimony!

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