We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Shelley Mills.

How anyone can condemn Kratom after reading this is beyond me. Kratom SAVES LIVES. IT DOES NOT DESTROY THEM. I understand what Shelley Mills went through when she says she wasted 20 years taking opioids, because for 20 years I took opioids never knowing there was an alternative that was milder with fewer side effects. I’m not saying I would of stopped opioids completely, but I wouldn’t of had to rely on them so heavily and I could of suffered less side effects, if I would of known about Kratom.

This is a disgrace in which we face as a nation, in our healthcare system. No I am not against opioid medications, HOWEVER; just like Kratom not being right for everyone.. same thing goes for morphine-like opioids. We are all different and unique in our chemistry. It’s not fair to condemn a person for being dependent or even addicted to morphine, when that was the ONLY option presented for pain relief.

Good grief how evil and cruel can we be. It’s also not fair to keep Americans in the dark (((PURPOSELY))) so they won’t be able to benefit from something POSITIVE. That positive is KRATOM. So many people can be saved by Kratom, yet probably never even heard of it.

Oh and Facebook don’t even bother trying to shut me up because I have my OWN blog and my own rights to writing WHATEVER I choose. You might be able to control what people say on your platform but you don’t have ANY RIGHTS TO MY WEBSITE. Respectfully and Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

Shelley Mills CHOSE to seek a healthier alternative. Thankfully, Kratom was there to help that. Here is Shelley Mills’s story ~

‘I spent years addicted to opiates, went to prison over my addiction, lost the trust of my family and began making one mistake and bad decision after another.’
‘I went to prison again. It seemed that would be my future.’
‘I had already been addicted to alcohol and experimented with a few drugs before I had a terrible car accident that left me having several surgeries and a penchant for pills.
I wasted 20 years slowly killing myself on opiates.’
‘I made the decision to get off the pills and began looking for natural alternatives. I came upon an article about kratom and decided to check it out. I mean if it helped with my chronic pain even a little bit it would be worth it , right?
I bought some and was amazed at how totally it controlled my pain.’
‘That was 5 years ago and since then I have introduced my Mom and daughter to kratom.
My Mom uses it for chronic debilitating pain and my daughter for anxiety and depression.
Since I have been using kratom I have not taken a single opiate. I have the love and trust of my family and although my Mom and I had a very tumultuous relationship for years due to the way the narcotics altered my thinking and behavior, we are super close now and I am her caregiver while she’s recovering from a mastectomy.’
‘This plant has given me the ability to function past my pain and unlike opiates doesnt alter my behavior. I love my life and love my tea.
Kratom is life-changing.’
‘Much love!-Shelley’

Shelley Mills is a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for 5 years. Thank you for choosing plants over pills.

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