We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Mary Berkes

Mary Berkes is literally the definition of what it means to be a warrior. This precious soul died and returned to us. Let’s look at this very carefully because it was due to Narcan as to why she went into cardiac arrest.

Yes, she did overdose on heroin and fentanyl BUT, if she could of known about Kratom she may of never stayed addicted to hardcore drugs OR never begin taking them in the first place. ~ OR would of needed Narcan in the first place. Unfortunately, Mary Berkes was allergic to Narcan and it caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

But, if you think this is just too much for one person to endure, then please keep reading. This beautiful soul also suffered a broken neck by her ex-husband. Kratom has literally saved this woman’s life TWICE, she expresses.

How ANYONE can condemn or look down upon this plant.. after reading her story, is beyond me and CLEARLY…has no heart. ~ Respectfully and Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

Here is Mary Berkes’s story ~

‘Just 2 weeks before my 17th birthday I was involved in a horrible wreck. I and 5 of my friends were hit by a drunk driver. I was the only one who sustained critical injuries. Since I was leaning up against the rear passengers door I was catapulted out the window and my body hit the steel girter that made up the frame of bridge we were traveling over. Besides minor other bodily injuries, I did sustain a severe traumatic brain injury. After I came out of the drug induced coma I had to learn how to walk, talk and do basic daily needs. I was put on high doses of morphine and diuladid for the pain. While these medications did help with the pain it also caused the birth of a huge monkey on my back. After several failed attempts of coming off those meds I became a full fledged addict . In Dec 2002 I promised my mom on her deathbed to quit. My dad’s best friend was a holistic he introduced me to kratom. I have been taking it off and on since then. But after 6 years of clean time, my ex husband broke my neck and I had surgery to repair part of the damage. I became complacent during this time and relapsed but during this relapse I also overdosed on heroin and fentanyl. I was given Narcan but it sent me into cardiac arrest. I died for 7 minutes. After many days of self reflection I started taking kratom again. So you see kratom not only saved my life once but twice. I take it for chronic pain, seizures and my pain mental illness (D.I.D also known as multiple personality disorder). Kratom saved my life and is a part of my life and routine every day.’ ~ Mary Berkes

Mary Berkes discovered Kratom 18 years ago!!! Thank you for choosing plants over pills. We love you and we are so glad you are HERE.

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