We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Julie Current.

Clearly, angels above were watching over this person. Below you will find an inspiring true story of someone who could of given up …due to severe trauma, tragedy, and pain, but DIDN’T. Instead, Julie Current dug deep within herself and found an incredible will to go on and live. When I say live, I mean LIVING WELL, by choosing healthy alternatives such as Kratom instead of synthetic medications. ~ Respectfully and Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

This is Julie Current’s story ~

‘I was a slave to pharmaceuticals for over 15 years due to severe pain/PTSD/anxiety from being abused for may years. I also have life threatening epilepsy, which complicates things. In 2015 I had a partial mal episode (caused by drugs I was prescribed) that nearly took my life in front of my kids. I collapsed and fell backwards, resulting in an inoperable brain bleed, which put me in a medically induced coma for a week. My parents were told that IF I woke up, I’d never be the same mentally again. Thankfully, God said otherwise. I almost lost everything that mattered to me bc my kids couldn’t take seeing me messed up anymore. The medications I was on were also causing petit mal seizures, and I was abusing them, so I was unconscious most of the time. I finally had enough of that lifestyle, but my pain/anxiety were so severe that I couldn’t function without medication. I prayed so hard for a way to manage my pain without being high all the time. On 10/28/2018, I discovered our tea. I’ve been a sober mom /daughter/sister since that day. I’m sooooo thankful for our tea bc It literally saves my life on a daily basis! This was taken just before 10/28/2018.’ ~ Julie Current

This is Julie Current before Kratom.
This is Julie Current AFTER Kratom!!! Thank you Julie Current for your support in the fight to keep Kratom legal. You are loved.

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