We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America.

So graceful of thee, I cannot give out this precious soul’s name. It’s how she wanted it. However, This most BEAUTIFUL most PURE angel fell from above and got hit incredibly hard with opioid addiction, since the age of 9. It would haunt her until the age of 62.

Before you start judging, this most precious human being has been ill since the age of 9. 💔 Being fed literally boatloads of heavy narcotics. Yet, somehow she STILL became a NURSE. ~ I absolutely adore and admire you Lady. ~ Luv you 💐🍃 Sincerely Yours, Kam

Please read the following, a sacred conversation between her late Grandmother and ‘HER’. Her inspirational ..raw and pure story will follow. ~

‘Best part I was a nurse also. I really dont know how I was able to work or go to school but My grandma had been a nurse and I loved her so much so when I was 5 I made my mind up. I lucked out though because when I was a teenager while I was in the hospital they taught me all the terminology and I was doing my own dressing changes, so no one else got infected. Yes they did! I truly believe what my Grandma once said to me when I was so depressed and asked her… why me?? Her answer was ” God knew your destiny before you were even a twinkle in your parents eyes”. So I guess he wants me to do some good now.’

But, first …..

She states, ‘I have blessed this way. The only people I haven’t done what’s best are the medical ones who believe in big pharm and whatever they are told’
‘Thankfully, I got married 42 yrs ago this month and he has stood up for me. Our parents begged him to divorce me because of the expense of my health care. He looked them in the face and said ” For better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death”. I never knew that conversation happened, til 2010. It happened in 1980. So I really have been blessed. I’m positive, if he would have left.. I would not be here today. He knew I had health problems and he married me knowing that. We just never knew how bad it would get.’

‘I’m an open book, just my family doesn’t agree. The whole story starts at age 9 when I first started having issues with my appendix, and he kept telling my Mom I was seeking attention.
It took 7 hrs to do a 40 minute surgery because my appendix had grown around my ovary, my tubes, strangulated my intestine and was grown unto my spine. For 3 yrs I was in massive pain and he told my mom because I was the oldest, I was seeking attention …because she wasn’t paying attention to me, so all she was supposed to do was give me more chores to do. I also ended up with man-eating bacteria and almost lost my legs at the hips.’

‘My family, my siblings …They were all too young to come and see me because you had to be 16 to visit in the hospital at that time. Also I was always in isolation, so only my parents could visit. No one else.’

‘I have a long history of using opioids. I started at age 11 and finally because of Kratom, I was able to get off of them totally ..at age 62. I started on Tylenol #3 and at one time I was on 30mg of morphine and 175 mcg of fentanyl at the same time. I didn’t know if I was coming or going at that point.’

‘I was on Morphine 30 mg every 3 hrs prn and 175 mcg of fentanyl q48 hrs verus every 72 hrs. I was a virtual zombie and honestly can’t remember anything from 1988 -2000.’

‘I have a pretty good story about what happened to be life-changing because of Kratom. My problem is if my family gets wind of it, I will be disowned. Seriously, when I first started tea, my family was horrified. They are totally against any kind of herb or natural medication. I have been ill since I was 9 yrs old. I’m 65 now. I’ve had over 200 surgeries because I got a staph infection after an appendectomy, that was unbelievably hard to begin with. I literally remember little of 1990′ -2000. A nurse told me about it, as she was taking it for pain as otherwise she wouldn’t be able to pass a drug test. I found out about it in 2017. Since then I’ve been able to do almost anything I want (to do) even with a long list of health issues. If anyone would see my name attached to it, my family would be very upset. They all can’t get over how much I’ve changed, but they will be upset to know I now choose nature to heal my body. No one who’s known me can believe how much better I am. But, if they found out I stopped most of my meds.. they would freak out to the end of the world.’ ~ Anonymously Yours


Created July 2020 by Kami Ann Davis

One thought on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America.

  1. My family is almost as bad as yours, although not quite to the same degree. My mom turned me onto kratom so she can hardly claim I’m a drug addict, although she makes many comments saying I take too much, or I take it too often, why can’t I take it once a day and so on. Anyone who has to live in constant fear of her own family has an enormous level of courage to be able to stand up, whether you release your name or not.


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