We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Edy.

Edy is a dedicated Kratom Advocate and Consumer for over 4 years. She feels very strongly about respecting this leaf. Edy Jones takes Kratom along with other holistic alternatives and is passionate about not wanting to abuse Kratom, but instead takes it minimally. She is an amazing wife and friend to the community. This is her inspirational story of strength and grace.


‘My name is Edythe. I’m a 48 year old woman, and just one of the millions of Americans whose life has been positively impacted by Mitragyna Speciosa (otherwise known as kratom).’

‘My husband is a disabled combat veteran. Sadly, I observe him get impaired all day, every day from the narcotics that he is prescribed for injuries suffered during his enlistment. The VA has even prescribed him Narcan, and taught me how to administer it in case of an accidental overdose of his prescribed opiates.’

‘I battled with heroin addiction in the early 90’s. I’ve been clean for 20 yrs, but I suffer from chronic pain due to being hit by a car (which left me in a coma for a month) when I was younger.’

‘Approximately two years ago, in my efforts to avoid narcotics,because of the desire to return to heroin they always cause. I sought out a healthier way of life and natural pain relief. I saw an article about a botanical supplement called kratom, and it caught my attention. So, after substantial research, I decided to give it a try.’

‘I’ve been addicted to some things in life, however Kratom isn’t one of them, it gives me no desire for heroin.’

‘It relieves my pain without leaving me impaired. It allows me to be a productive, cognitive member of society. It calms my anxiety, yet doesn’t make me drowsy. I’m able to function; unlike with most pharmaceuticals with their multiple side effects, including dependency. I have never experienced any type of withdrawal when I stop drinking kratom tea.’

‘I beg of you investigate all the incredible science regarding kratom. Banning it will only hinder further research and essentially rip it away from so many good, upstanding citizens. Citizens on a long list that includes doctors, nurses, counselors, VETERANS who have put their lives on the line for our country, teachers, law enforcement officers, state employees, wives, mothers, sisters, brothers and husbands.’

‘Thank you for your time, consideration and attention to this matter.Sincerely Yours,’


The Beautiful Edy Jones discovered Kratom in the year 2015. Wisely, she did her research for a whole year before starting the herbal supplement on January 1st 2016. Edy Jones is a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for over 5 years now. Every single day, she advocates and fights to keep Kratom legal. Thank you Edy Jones for your continuous support within the Kratom Community.

One thought on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Edy.

  1. This makes me want to seriously cut down on my daily kratom dosage. I’ve now been up to 12 capsules per dose, and I’m wondering if maybe I should cut that back. If so, what amount should I take? I’m not low or even close to low on kratom but I still want to take as little as possible and still get that pan and stress relief


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