We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Angie Childs.

On her OWN, Angie Childs chose to take Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa ..INSTEAD of morphine-like opioids. That is strength. Like many others, she was able to change her life around with her dedication, as a loving MOTHER. Angie Childs changed her life because of HER perseverance. Yes, Kratom helped but a person has gotta wanna get clean and become a better person. That is where it all begins.. in the heart, mind, and spirit of a person’s soul.

Kratom is there as a helper. It’s something that DOESN’T counteract the good …a person is trying to achieve. If someone wants to better their life, they have a better chance at doing so, without the burden of side effects from morphine-like opioids. I do support opioid therapy for those who can’t take Kratom. Kratom doesn’t produce harsh side effects or harsh withdrawals. Kratom is mild and is kind to the human body.

I want to point that out because Kratom is under SO MUCH scrutiny and is constantly misrepresented. Rather than be condemned, we should be commended for wanting to consume an herb that’s safer and less addicting than any opioid. ~ Respectfully and Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

Here is Angie Child’s Kratom Story ~

‘Our amazing tea has saved my life.. I have ptsd and chronic pain(my saving grace is my tea n my herb)..im 44 live in AZ..im an activist and recovering addict.. Ive stopped taking big pharma cuz its already killed me before ..i cant say enuf about how much this miracle tea has helped me..my story is a long one but as of today I have a relationship after 20 years w my estranged daughter … I’m a major advocate for the tea to say the least(I’m a fighter.. They dont wanna try and take my tea from me 😂).. ❤✌ #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee’ ~ Angie Childs

Angie Childs…Loving Mother, Kratom Advocate and Consumer. Thank you for supporting the community in the fight to keep Kratom legal!

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