Misconception #15 Taking Kratom Is Trading One Drug For The Other. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

This statement is incredibly ignorant to make and is why so many advocates like me fight hard to spread the truth about this plant.

If you read through these stories you can see that these are people who take Kratom for severe pain, depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Yes, there ARE very many who also use it to quit heroin and other deadly morphine-like substances. Kratom is no more a drug than caffeine is. No, it’s not trading one drug for the other either. That is where many people are wrong. If Kratom was HIGHLY addictive and was a full agonist then it would be fair to say that Kratom is the same as any other opioid. Then yes, Kratom consumers would be literally trading one drug for the other. But, again this bares repeating because this is exactly what the FDA WANTS you to believe so you will be discouraged and not want to try this plant.

Kratom is NOT an opioid. Kratom is a partial agonist attaching partially to receptors like coffee and chocolate. I do think that for some people who don’t have any real ailments and who solely have addiction issues should use Kratom to kick whatever they are addicted to and seek emotional and mental therapy to help address the reasons as to why they became addicted in the first place. Kratom is way easier to quit then methadone or suboxone and is SAFE. Let me ask you a question. For people like me, who have severe chronic pain from an accident who need to take something indefinitely don’t you think Kratom is a better option than highly addictive morphine-like opioids? Kratom is not an opioid. It’s not even in the same class. It’s not even derived from any opioid plant. It’s derived from a coffee tree. It is a partial agonist and contains alkaloids that work the same way as chocolate, cheese, sugar, or coffee. I have lots of science to back this up within this blog. I think it’s important for someone to address their mental health in conjunction to taking Kratom. I don’t agree with anything being abused or leaned upon heavily to fill a void without seeking counseling FOR that void. Many people who do have addiction issues are self medicating for underlying symptoms, such as depression, psychosis, or generalized anxiety and PTSD. So, many of these people legitimately need something safe and beneficial such as Kratom. It has been proven by the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine that Kratom is beneficial in the Treatment of Depression and Psychosis. Here is the study, Kratom in the Treatment for Depression and Psychosis By The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine ~ Luv Kam
Click to access yjbm_93_2_229.pdf

Dr. Jack Henningfield’s 8-Factor Analysis https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5813050/



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One thought on “Misconception #15 Taking Kratom Is Trading One Drug For The Other. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

  1. I could not agree more with this post. And might I also add that I simply don’t care if someone thinks I’m a druggie for taking kratom instead of doctor prescribed pain killers. It works for me and millions of others, it’s easy to access without a scrip or any oversight from a doctor, and it’s at the very least worth trying before taking conventional opioids if it doesn’t work. You can usually get samples from any reputable kratom vender for either free or fairly cheap, although I will admit that I wish kratom were cheaper. If someone is using kratom to get off of opioids, regardless of which, fantastic for them. Had they gone to a rehab center, it might have worked and it might not have. I’m not hear to condemn rehab centers, but only to point out that they usually re-integrate with society addicted to the meds tehy used to get off. Not always, but usually. People will think and believe what they choose to. If I’m a drug addict to you because I take a plant supplement, so fucking be it. I wil survive, in either case. I will continue to advocate for this plant that has saved my own and millions of otehr people from addiction, pain, severe anxiety, ptsd, and others. Kratom is not by any means a cure all or a miracle substance. Nothing on this earth can cure all, or we wouldn’t have so many incurable diseases. But as one doctor or the other called it I personally beleive it is “nature’s answer to pain and opioid addiction”

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