We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Jayme Brads.

Your story brought me to tears. Jayme, you precious soul you. I want to thank you for being such a bright light in your family’s life. May they read this and surround you in love always.

Here is Jayme Brad’s Story ~

‘All my life was doctors, pharmas and pills. Having auto immune disease that’s what they want. I was put into pain management after having my daughter. Time after time…pills. Higher doses and then lead me to addiction. Scripts weren’t lasting so I bought off others and led me to being a prisoner in my own skin. Glued to my phone, begging for pills. I got up to high doses. Things I’m ashamed of. Almost lost my whole perfect life. One day after living my secret life, I was forced to choose pills or my life. I knew about Kr@tom and had taken it during bad days without pills…but finally I jumped off all my pharmas cold turkey and 4 days after remembered our precious leaf. After that the rest is history. I am no longer even going to docs unless it’s for a cold or routine check up. I don’t have to worry about going without meds or being pill sick. I have helped my mother get off pain pills (being on them 15 years) she’s now 6 months pill free w the help of kr@tom. Now I am currently helping my brother off drugs w kr@tom and he’s happily 5 days and doing so well. I want to scream this to the world. Plants over pills. I am finally free a year and 8 months myself. And I will never look back! I love my sober life. I am a great wife, mother, daughter and friend again. I am part of so many groups. I can admin and help others. I love life again and all thanks to our plant!’

Jayme Brads a.k.a. Angel. Yes, because I think you’re an angel. Along with getting herself clean, she has helped her mother to get off opioids and now her brother off of drugs, with the help of Kratom.

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