Misconception #14 Because Kratom binds to mu-receptors in the brain, it’s addictive like morphine-like opioids. FACT CHECK: FALSE.

Foods that are stimulants such as chocolate, coffee and tea (dietary supplements) is the category where Kratom belongs. My main point being this. That Kratom is no more addicting than a cup of coffee or a hot salty French fry! Or what about the first time you opened up a brand new bag of Lay’s Potato Chips? Better yet, a bag of Doritos. Mmm…Or Chester’s Cheetos, lol you get my point.

I’ve been saying this for years.. food is the biggest addiction of them all. Yes, we need food in order to survive, however; remember earlier we discussed how anything can be a problem if you make it? Food can cause obesity and hypertension, if you have a severe addiction to it. However, let’s face it …it’s not something deadly and dangerous, where if you eat too much at one sitting, you can start foaming at the mouth ~ poison yourself, acquire respiratory depression and stop breathing and have an overdose. Same exact situation when it comes to Kratom. Even at one sitting, if a person was to consume too large of an amount of pure leaf Kratom (intentional or on purpose) the worst thing that has ever occurred or was documented with ANYONE, in the history of mankind… was dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting.

As numerous scientific studies have shown in the past, the reason being for this is because Kratom is food-like in the same category as coffee, with partial agonist properties. A partial agonist attaches to mu-receptors in the brain, but only partially ~ in the same way as chocolate and cheese does. Partial is the key word here, because that’s the reason for its safety and low-risk for addiction and abuse. It attaches only PARTIALLY to receptors in the brain, therefore; it doesn’t cause respiratory depression, unlike traditional synthetic opioids.

With everything and anything in life, you should exercise moderation. Such as food, you should be wise with your consumption of it. It’s important to have a healthy balance. You wouldn’t want to eat potato chips every meal. My point is that it’s not a good idea to overindulge in anything, exercising no self-discipline. We are given this one glorious life and let’s make it beautiful. Anything can be a problem if you make it, and if you know you are out of control in different areas of your life then you probably have some issues with addiction. If they’re severe to where it’s consuming you and your life, get counseling. If it’s a light problem, you may be able to learn the necessary tools on your own to acquire stability and personal growth; where you can work and evolve towards a stronger you.

If you really think about it, the key to a stable, peaceful and happy life is all about finding balance. Balance is important in everything we do in life. It could be the way we talk with someone, to how many glasses of wine we end up drinking at dinner. Or it could be our daily exercise routine or lack there of. For example, my favorite dessert is Homemade Apple Pie and Irish Creme Mocha Mousse, however; if I ate too much of this all day every single day.. I will probably develop an addiction or dependency to sugar. I’d also probably gain weight and my health would decline. Therefore, I make a conscious decision to exercise self-control because I don’t want to suffer any negative consequences. In other words, I am a responsible adult.

Same thing with Kratom. Kratom has the same addiction potential as coffee or sweet and salty foods do. With Kratom …if you take too much for your body weight, vomiting and dizziness may occur. Although, compared to the list of side effects for western medications I’d say that’s a drop in the bucket and next to nothing for the list of Kratom cons. Kratom has a very short list of cons, and an incredibly long list of pros.

One of the most important points to make clear is how certain kinds of food, like chocolate and cheese have the same binding abilities to receptors in our brain, as Kratom does. Except, Kratom is being condemned because of it. Kratom has over 40 alkaloids in it and is a stimulant such as coffee, tea, cheese and chocolate. Similar to chocolate, Kratom stimulates the pleasure center in your brain and binds to mu-receptors.

One of the things I always get when I say the above is ‘Well, coffee doesn’t produce bad withdrawals like Kratom does’. Wrong. If you drink large doses of coffee everyday and then stop, many people experience severe fatigue with a headache. If you quit Kratom after large heavy use, you may experience flu-like symptoms but nothing harsh, compared to morphine-like opioids or heroin.

We have the truth on our side and science to back it up! The reason why they don’t see Kratom the same way as chocolate is because they don’t want to. It’s only a matter of time tho because the truth continues to stare them in the face. Kratom belongs to be grandfathered in with tea and coffee and once a judge told the American Kratom Association just that. If we can present the court with receipts of purchase anytime before 1994, we can grandfather it in with coffee, tea and tobacco!!! So, what does that tell you folks. That in itself speaks VOLUMES. That Kratom is no more dangerous or addictive than a bar of chocolate. 🍫

Here is a study that shows how chocolate affects our brain, the same way as morphine. You may ask yourself, why don’t they ban chocolate and label it an opioid then? Because chocolate doesn’t impair or intoxicate you like morphine-like opioids or cause respiratory depression. Hmm…sounds familiar doesn’t it!!! Because Kratom is the same exact situation and type of tea leaf. Same as chocolate, tea and coffee, Kratom does not impair or intoxicate you. Please read below. 👇

RESULTS: The rats’ chocolate consumption increased by over 250 percent, to an average of about 10 M&Ms in a period of twenty minutes (considering they were human-sized M&Ms, that’s comparable to us eating about six pounds of chocolate in an hour). Their eating frenzy triggered a surge in enkephalin — a natural peptide that resembles opium — which remained elevated throughout the binge.


Proof that Kratom is no more addicting than a cup of coffee. 👇

The abuse potential of kratom according the 8 factors of the controlled substances act: implications for regulation and researchhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5813050/

Science that shows how Kratom attaches only partially to mu-receptors. Fact that Kratom does not cause respiratory depression and is not a highly addictive substance. 👇

Mitragynine/Corynantheidine Pseudoindoxyls As Opioid Analgesics with Mu Agonism and Delta Antagonism, Which Do Not Recruit β-Arrestin-2https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5344672/

Below is a study discussing the plain and simple fact that we as human beings are very much inclined to establishing rituals, habits and routines. I very much believe that an addiction is the same thing as a habit. Therefore, I believe that if you can establish bad habits and addictions, you can establish healthy habits and healthy addictions. In many cases in psychology, they teach us to replace a bad habit with a healthy one. Same goes for an addiction or behavior imo. Replace the poor behavior with good behavior. Replace the toxic addiction with a healthy and safe one. For example, if you turned to Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa to kick heroin or deadly opioids.. that’s replacing poor behavior with good behavior. You just replaced a deadly addiction with a safe and healthy low-risk mild coffee and tea addiction! Bravo!!!! 👏 🌹Love and Hugs to You All ~ Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

Habits, Rituals, and the Evaluated Brain ~


Please support the American Kratom Association @ http://www.americankratomassociation.org
A Beautiful Kratom Leaf From One Of My Plants 🌱

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