The Truth About Kratom

It pains me to see so many negative articles and misleading information regarding Kratom. Even though millions of Americans consume this plant with SUCCESS, many people are still in the dark and have no idea what or how beneficial Kratom TRULY IS.

When I go to google my blog in google search engine ‘Kratom Truth’ or the ‘Truth About Kratom’ tons of negative articles pop up. I’m hoping by blogging education, awareness and the TRUE FACTS about this plant, I can change that.

We need as many Kratom Consumers to stand up and start spreading the TRUTH about this plant. Even if you are not a consumer… but know someone who’s being helped by it, speak your truth and let others know. There are strength in numbers and I believe if we each do our part we can drown out the misconception.

Do not be fooled by the FDA, DEA, Media and Big Pharma. They cannot profit from this plant. Therefore, they try to spin the actual truth or right out lie. Do not believe the lie when they tell you Kratom is an opioid. Kratom is not derived from an opioid plant. It’s not even in the same family. Kratom is a partial agonist that is derived from the tropical evergreen coffee tree in Southeast Asia.

Kratom is helping people to stop heroin and other deadly drugs. It also helps with alcoholism, anxiety, PTSD and depression. Also, instead of Suboxone, Kratom is a safer alternative for opioid replacement due to its partial-agonist-makeup. Meaning, it attaches to receptors within the brain only partially. Written By Kami Ann Davis

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