Misconception #6 Kratom is similar to opioids, therefore; works in the same way causing death, overdose & addiction. FACT CHECK: FALSE

Kratom is UNLIKE traditional opioids because instead of fully attaching to the receptors in our brain, it is simply an ATYPICAL-TYPE opioid attaching ONLY PARTIALLY TO MU-RECEPTORS; same as chocolate, cheese or breast milk. Partially attaching is the key term here, because it is WHY it cannot cause respiratory depression or harmful withdrawal/addiction. Below you will find science backing this UP.

Just because it works in the same way, it doesn’t mean it is identical. Just because it is effective like morphine or opiates, it doesn’t mean it is one. FDA, DEA, The MEDIA ~ STOP LYING because Show me ONE person or family that has been destroyed by KRATOM. EXACTLY. You cannot. Because there are NONE.

Comparing Kratom to opioids such as morphine, heroin, or fentanyl is like comparing coffee to amphetamines.

Kratom is saving lives. It’s not destroying them. Over 15 million Americans consume this herbal supplement responsibly and effectively. Pure greed is the reason for Big Pharma and the FDA wanting to oppose it. It is safe and non habit forming when taken responsibly. It helps with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addiction, and even high blood pressure. I am a psychiatric nurse who suffered a life threatening, white water accident, leaving me with a lifelong painful condition. I have been taking this herb for three years, with fantastic results. I no longer have to succumb to the negative side effects of deadly opiates. No longer, am I a risk for respiratory depression. And now they want to deprive me and 15 million Americans of that? No. We all have to fight for the truth here. We have to stand up for our right to have access to safe and natural medicinal alternatives in the treatment of pain and suffering. Written By Kami Ann Davis


Beautiful Bali Jungle Where Kratom Comes From 🍃

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