Misconception #5 Kratom has no beneficial use. FACT CHECK: FALSE

Kratom is allowing pain patients and the general public to take care of THEMSELVES. Instead of having to rely on judgmental physicians, or succumb to pee tests and pill counts, in order to be allowed rightful pain relief; WE ARE IN CONTROL. Not suffering anymore either… or being denied, for that matter. Here is a lovely gentleman who had hip surgery and pins put in. Because of Kratom Mitragynine Speciosa, he hardly needed any of his Percocet!!! If that’s not proof that Kratom is legitimately useful and beneficial, I don’t know what IS. So thankful for beautiful gifts of nature from the above.

With that said, please don’t mix Kratom with opioids unless you’re under a doctor’s supervision, like the gentleman below. Written by Kami Ann Davis

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