Why Kratom Is Low-Risk For Addiction ~

First of all, one of the main reasons why I wanted to blog about Kratom is because there are SO MANY LIES AND MISCONCEPTIONS that surround this plant. The FDA and DEA demonize Kratom, in order to form a negative opinion in people’s minds. The reason is simple – $$$ They can’t profit from anything natural. So, I will be blogging to try and clear up some of these misconceptions.

The following explains why you cannot overdose on Kratom and why it’s SAFE for consumption.

This article explains how Kratom processes through the body and why exactly it is no more addicting than a cup of coffee. Why Kratom does not cause deadly withdrawals. Kratom does not cause respiratory depression either as you will read below. 💚 Blog Written By Kami Ann Davis

Science that backs this up 👇

Kratom’s Alkaloids Are Atypical Opioids, Practically Zero Overdose Risk And Relatively Little Withdrawal Due To Lack Of Beta-Arrestin-2 Recruitment

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